[Repost] Help Wanted – Player Reviews!

Love trying out different squads? Have loads of gameplay clips from your players this season? Good at writing and communicating your thoughts in an appealing way?

I’m looking to add player reviews on this site to document how cards really perform in game.

If interested, follow these steps.

  1. Pick a player to review.
  2. Create an informative and engaging post using text, images, and video. You have freedom to format it however you please.
  3. Send your review to [email protected] by Monday, May 7th.

I will choose 3 reviews as the winners. If chosen, you will get:

  • Your work featured on the site
  • Early information on trading tips and investments before they are posted
  • A potential future position contributing additional content to the blog



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What format do you expect?


I meant, if I chose to use text and maybe some pics, is it ok to do it simply in microsoft word?