[Repost] 3 Essential Sniping Tips

Yesterday (April 17th), I won all of these players on snipe. Total profits from the three were roughly 25k. In addition, I won numerous other TOTW players (notably Michel and Armero) for 3-4k below their cheapest BIN. All in all, I’d estimate I made about 75k yesterday from sniping alone.

Here are some tips on how you can make 25k+/hour through web app sniping.

Tip #1: Download the shortfuts chrome extension.

When sniping, every second counts. The difference between you sniping an 87 IF Isco for 10,500 coins (something I saw last week) and missing out on 100k can be a fraction of a second.

When it comes to web app, one of the most time consuming parts of any given snipe is moving your cursor from button to button.

With the shortfuts extension, you will be able to use hot keys instead of the cursor to give commands.

Here are my commands for using the extension (they are customizable):

Command + G – Buy Now

Backspace – back to Search Results

Right Arrow ➡ – next page

Left Arrow ⬅ – previous page

These four commands alone will make your sniping much quicker and more efficient.

Tip #2 – Use a broad ranging filter

The more players that come up in your filter, the better chance you have at getting a card for less than their actual value.

For example, if you were to snipe Manchester United players for the Marquee Matchup this week, would it be better to snipe a specific player (let’s say Fellaini) or to use a filter like gold – Manchester United – max BIN 1,200 coins?

Of course, the latter filter will give you more results, and thus more chances to win a snipe.

Tip #3 – Utilize the “59th minute” method


With this method, you’ll have to hit ‘next page’ (or right arrow if using the shortfuts extension) until you get to the 59th minute. Once you reach that page, quickly analyze the players available and pull the trigger on anyone undervalued.

Watch these tips in practice (no good snipes, unfortunately):



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Thanks Chief,

Cant see the:
Backspace – back to Search Results
Right Arrow ➡ – next page
Left Arrow ⬅ – previous page

How can i configure this?


Is it a good time to buy a lot of 85 if schmeicel as investments as his price is at 30k on PS4 or will his price drop further?


You meant min bid 10k, not max bid, right?


Is it a chance of using emotm for totks sbc? I want to gamble for this as publish emotm before totks is quite tricky


Does EA ban for using those hotkeys?


does the web-app refresh auctions by going back and forward on the pages or do you have to make a new search request everytime i cant find anything nice at the 59th minute?


May I ask why the totgs drop a lot today


So u think the totks sbc is still coming?


Can this method also be done on mobile?


Shortkeys doesn’t work for me -. –


it works,but how do u get so fast to the 59.l minute