Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 34

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Last Squad



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Hi Chief, got so lucky in the two untradeable TOTS packs that they fit seamlessly into my team and didn’t need to change it.

IG Team

Now i’m wondering where you think i should upgrade next? got 300k and the following untradeables below to be put into an SBC (but don’t know which one). I’m assuming i should get an Icon midfielder as they seem to make a big difference, but if its untradeable want it to be the right one! as you can see i’ve been saving these untradeables up with an idea to use them but not sure where to put them

94 De bruyne
92 Griezmann
91 Thiago
90 Cavani
90 Ibrahimovic
89 Hamsik
88 Schweinsteiger
88 Van Persie
86 Promes
86 Al Soma
86 Giovinco
86 Teodorczyk
86 Casillas
86 Gignac
86 Quaresma
85 Bobo
84 Younes
84 Balde Diao
84 T.Hazard PTG
83 Cristiano
83 Moore
83 Martial PTG
then a load of 82s and red monthlies (which i don’t know if can be used in SBC ? Not sure )

any advice chief? sorry for long post


any ideas who chief? fave (affordable) icon? would have to be an icon I think since casemiro is my link to Cr7 and messi


Hi chief I’m thinking about buying TOTS Casemiro for just under 300k, I’ve heard great reviews on him after asking some people about the shortened pace but apparently its not a problem now – do you think he will go down or up over the next few weeks?


Got sooooo lucky Chief and got Casemiro in the untradeable SBC!

so got 400k to play with (hopefully double if Bundes investments pay off…), you got any ideas at the next improvement I should make?

Current squad
Sub-in Hernandez for David Luiz at 45mins

Was thinking something like this but it really doesn’t excite me since I hear Salah WF is TERRIBLE:
and then sub-on Lozano or any other LCAM candidate


Oh ok! I have to admit I haven’t tried him, so you may have opened another door for me… and that 433 is definitely an idea. Sounds like you have moved on from Salah – can’t wait to see your team tomorrow.

What do you think of something like this as an upgrade to current team ? Just not sure on the LCAM position and whether Salah and Hazard and Kante are an upgrade on Messi and B.Yedder and Vidal; or even if the whole team is an upgrade?