Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 35

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Last Squad



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I was thinking of making Ferdinand but when I look at stats I like the stats from TOTS Ramos and Chiellini better.

What is your view on Icons and TOTS players? Who are best? Does Icons have traits etc that TOTS players doesn’t have?
I still play with 4 icons. Bergkamp, Rijkard, Overmars and Zanetti. Sold Hernandez and replaced him with TOTS Firminio instead.


But do Icons have other advantages not showing up on the stas page?


I was thinking of buying fut birthday florenzi and playing him at cm alongside ptg milinovic savic. Is he worth the coins, and how do you think he would fair in that position?


Hi Chief – think I’ve found a good Hybrid to work towards upgrading my current squad. If my Bundesliga TOTs base card investments come in, and I sell the replaced players, and Neymar drops in price after the POTY SBC, I will be able to afford this.

Current squad:

Future squad:

Do you think it is an upgrade? I play 4231 in game and switch to 4222 or 352 if chasing.

May have to have Smalling in place of Rio for a while if money is tight as he’ll be the last player I buy


Here’s the team that I want to end up with:

When do you think it’s a good time to buy 92 IF Bale? Today before rewards or tomorrow/weekend during lighting rounds?


Thanks, I appreciate the response! Do you think Alba for around 300k is a worthy replacement for Marcelo to save 450k?