Ligue 1 TOTS Investments

Over the course of TOTS, there have been major fluctuations in the prices of high rated gold cards (82-84). Weekly squad building challenges have made created a supply and demand cycle that has repeated itself for the past couple weeks. It can be explained most simply by this:

On Friday, a new TOTS and lightning rounds come out, driving prices down.

On Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, SBCs come out, diminishing supply and driving prices up (to see a schedule of FUT Events, click here).

These trends have been accentuated for players that come from the league that is featured in that week’s TOTS (due to guaranteed TOTS SBCs requiring 2 players from that league).

Premier League Examples

La Liga Examples

Notice that all of the players I used as examples are either CBs or CMs. That is because they are in higher demand when it comes to SBCs – there are more slots to fill with those positions than any other.

In addition, these players tend to come nations that are easily linkable for SBCs (Spain, France, Brazil, etc.).

While Bundesliga players that meet these conditions have already inflated in anticipation of this weeks SBCs, there are three Ligue 1 players that remain cheap and potentially very profitable.

Target BUY:Β Refer to price on FUTBIN and make your own decisions.

Gustavo price.

Perrin price.

Pastore price.

NOTE – Gustavo will likely claim a spot in the Ligue 1 TOTS, putting him out of packs next week. He is a good look for the same reasons that Hradecky was this past week. If I had to pick on player to invest in out of the three above, it would be him.

Target SELL:Β This is tough. These players might rise substantially in the coming days for the Bundesliga/RoW 20-11 SBCs and fall to the point you could buy them back for cheaper. We will have to see how it plays out. Comment below with questions throughout the week.



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Chief, lets say I have a lot of cards in unassigned cards (waiting to be sold when their price rise), and lets say I invest in more other cards and also send them to unassigned. And now, lets say I want to sell some cards from unassigned section, but they are not in the first 30 list… Is there any solution to pick them out from there??


How much should I buy Gustavo?


Thank you ! One more question,
Please tell me sell price


Thank you so much