Calcio A TOTS Investment: Milinkovic-Savic

Player: Sergej Milinkovic-Savic

Reasoning: On Friday, the Calcio A TOTS will be released. People will change their squads to build around those players. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic has been one of the most overpowered cards in FIFA Ultimate Team this year. I expect many players to turn to him for their teams and his price to rise as a result (just like Inform Vidal did this past week for the Bundesliga TOTS).

Target BUY: This depends on who you decide to invest in. Refer to the FUTBIN prices below and make your own decisions.

83 base Milinkovic-Savic price.

84 IF Milinkovic-Savic price.

86 IF Milinkovic-Savic price.

87 IF Milinkovic-Savic price.

88 IF Milinkovic-Savic price.

NOTE – Cheaper players tend to have better ROI (return on investment). In other words, buying four 84 IF Milinkovic-Savic at 22k a piece would likely earn you more profit than buying one 87 IF Milinkovic-Savic at 88k.

Target SELL: World Cup mode will be released on Tuesday, May 29th. The market will take a big hit as a result. Make sure to offload him before that on Sunday, May 27th or Monday, May 28th.



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Does it refer also to ptg savic? (ptg is 88 rated and cost 173k, 88 if cost 17k rn)


I meant 170k for if ofc :)


And another question, rather skeptical… Vidal’s price rised, you are right, but have you noticed that vidal is not in TOTS? Taking into consideration that milinkovic is very likely ( I’m almost sure) to get into the TOTS, wouldn’t it cause his price to fall down? (as people like to have the best version of card, and in this case it will be tots savic, not inform)

Note for readers: Do not make any decision because of my post, wait for chief’s opinion, I’m not specialist, just asking :P


You should then look at Goretzka’s IF & PTG price before Friday to now.


Nice… Got ptg savic for 169k :P, hope he’ll rise to 200k till monday


Got ptg for the same price as best inform, there is no sense of selling ptg and getting best inform right?


BRu what to do still think he going up


He is plummeting =(-panic sell?


Ruh roh his price has shat the bed and I can’t see a reason that would cause him to rise from this point onward. Take the final loss before WC mode?


I bet it all on Savic and his price is at the bottom. I should never had put all the eggs in the same basket