[Repost] Coming May 29th: World Cup Game Modes

On April 30, EA posted specifics regarding the FIFA World Cup Game Modes beginning on May 29th. Here is what you need to know.

What are the game modes?

The May 29th update will consist of 4 game modes:

  1. 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (consists of the 32 qualified teams)
  2. Custom FIFA World Cup Tournament (can use any licensed nation)
  3. FIFA World Cup Kick Off (single match)
  4. FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team

Is FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team the same as the current Ultimate Team?

Yes and no. Your current team will not carry over directly to the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team. You will need to build a new squad from scratch.

Some people are predicting that Icons and PTG will transfer over from your FUT account. However, that remains to be seen.

What is transferable are coins. You can use them to buy packs in the World Cup Ultimate Team mode.

What kind of players will be available?

Players from the 32 participating nations and new World Cup Icons will be in the player pool.

Is there a transfer market like FUT?

No. There are no coins in this game mode, and everything is untradeable. You acquire your players through packs and SBCs. You can use your coins from FUT to buy packs in the World Cup Ultimate Team Mode, though.

Do players keep static ratings?

Cards in FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team act like OTW and PTG from FUT. Players can have their ratings increase or decrease based on how they play in real life. For example, if Ronaldo scores a brace in a Round of 16 victory, his rating will increase.

How does chemistry work?

While FUT chemistry is based on nation, club and league, the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team will be based on nation and confederation. For example, Neymar and Firmino would have a green link because they are from the same nation (Brazil). Neymar and James Rodriguez would have a yellow link because they are from the same confederation (CONMEBOL).

What ways can I play FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team?

  • Single Player and Online Tournament
  • Single Player & Online Draft
  • Squad Building Challenges

What effects will this have on the FUT Market?

In 2014, the FUT market crashed HARD when the FIFA World Cup Ultimate Team game mode was released. I expect the same to happen this year. If you don’t want to lose big, sell off your teams and either liquidate or place your coins in discard investments well before the May 29th release.



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So basically everyone will be playing the World Cup Mode during the world cup and after that the game is done anyway?


Just went on Twitter and saw that Corey corrected his statement and that coins will be transferable. Meaning everyone will liquidate everything and buy packs in WC Mode.
This is not a market crash. This is a market burn.


I don’t need World Cup Mode, I mean it’s the same game, different skin right? Gameplay will be the same, the players will be the same. Can’t understand why people are so happy about this mode, it’s just another way for EA to make money.


If many people play this new game mode, does that mean that fewer are likely to play squad battles, hence making it easier to get to Elite 1, in your opinion?


I bought into a lot of rare gold discard players hoping that they would haveing league SBCs as they did last year during tots. Should I just quick sell them all and invest all my coins in IF Lombán or is there any chance they will go up?


Chief, do you think that alex sandro gold is a good investment for calcio a tots event? (For the same reason as boateng for bundesliga. Boateng as well as alex sandro is the best on their positions in their league. In case of boateng we could notice his price doubled because of ppl started packing bundesliga tots players so they wanted to build squads around them) – do you think it will happen with alex sandro too? Or it is too close ro world cup mode ?


Bought 4 (20,5k each), he is around 26k now and seems to rise more :D


Hi Chief,
so I if I have tradeable Ronaldo, Messi, Courtois, B.Yedder, you recommend selling them all off now and buying back? I won’t be playing WC mode

Also, I have 400k invested in Hradeckys between 2k-2.5k. Do these have any chance of getting back to 2k? 83 has been lower than the 81 the last few days. I assume because of the leaks, and low rated SBC storm everyone invested in them. do I take the big loss now or keep holding?


You mentioned some Ultimate TOTS.
What is that? The best starting 11 out of all TOTS?
Will there be a SBC with a guaranteed player from that team?


there will. its in the code.
probably 85-86 rated with 1-2 tots as req.


Around when will this be? could my Hradeckys finally rise then? ahhaaha. Looking at a 200k loss atm, my fault for investing so much


Who should I invest in now, and when to sell? Budget: 100k. Im trading for the world cup update. So I’d rather sell before the update.


I got totgs Ronaldo. Sell for 1,3m or hold on?


Do you think i should offload. My 84 savic now


How much do you recon hell be