Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 38

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

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Nice squad. You actually start with 4-3-3 and change later? Which one to change to?
Does it matter which one to start with? I see a lot of people starting with 4-3-3 first


Who is better guys, Desailly or Ferdinand?


After the market crash i managed to get a pretty sweet team

My team in game: Handanovic 95
Telles 94 Maldini 94 Bonucci 96 Ramos 95
Firmino 93 Messi 98 Casemiro 94
Neymar 97 Ronaldo 95 Sane 93.

Maldini is insane! And Telles is sick too.
Not really happy with Ramos on RB, thinking about getting Zanetti 92. Does anyone know if he is any good?
Also not really happy with Casemiro but don’t know who to put there with chem and all..


I have had Zanetti 92 for some 100 games and I like him a lot. Think he is great.
Riijkaard is nice a DM too.


tots promes does better for me then tots son. i have tots lozano on the right who is insane too. i change in game to 442 with lozano and promes as strikers.


DO you worry about chemistry alot when you build your squad or do you just focus on having the best player at that position? I’ve been experimenting and I can’t find a good way to get Promes into my lineup.


In M opinion there isn’t much difference between 7 or 8 and 10 chemistry. For me for example I play Ronaldinho prime as cm and marlos and tots Ramos on 8


My team.
Won’t be much better now


Your team looks good. You a division 1 player? All on 10 chemistry. Does players on 10 chemistry works?


Yes I am. I allways try 10 chemistry. I think the players move better this way.


The Squad i try to build rn:


Got the players with loyalty on (10 chem) already and am trying to pick up the rest in this mild market crash, but i think i’ll be a bit short. Do you guys think prices will fall even more when WC starts?


Damn it. Should I invest a bit in discard informs of, let’s say alessandrini for next week‘s one nation WL?


Picked up 10 for discard. Looks like a good call. You think he would be higher the second weekend?


Will the sniping filters updated soon?