Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 45

With very few leagues in play at the moment, there aren’t a whole lot of options for EA to choose from for Marquee Matchups. That being said, one fixture from the MLS really stands out as a favorite to be chosen for next week’s MM.

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LA FC v. LA Galaxy

While the stakes aren’t too high in terms of table positioning, the Los Angeles derby still has an excellent shot at getting picked for next week. The rivalry has been dubbed “El Tràfico” because of the California cities notoriously congested highways. Galaxy’s addition of Zlatan earlier this year makes for an even more interesting fixture.

If this matchup gets chosen, I doubt that there will be a high squad rating requirement. For that reason, invest in the cheapest players from either side, whether that be bronze or silver.

Cheapest LA FC players on Xbox.

Cheapest LA FC players on PS4.

Cheapest LA FC players on PC


Cheapest LA Galaxy players on Xbox.

Cheapest LA Galaxy players on PS4.

Cheapest LA Galaxy players on PC.


Target BUY: 300 coins or less

Target SELL: Tuesday, July 24th after the announcement or when they reach 1,000 coins (whichever comes first)



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What about manu players since they are gonna have 2 matches next week