EoaE Investment: TOTS Cards

As part of the FUTTIES event, EA has been releasing End of An Era SBCs (see Buffon and Iniesta). Each of these challenges has required a TOTS card.

Buffon SBC

Iniesta SBC

As a result, many TOTS cards shot up in price last week when they were released. However, since then EA has reintroduced TOTS cards into packs, many of their prices have plummeted to discard values.

TOTS Quicksell Values

Cheapest TOTS cards on Xbox.

Cheapest TOTS cards on PS4.

Cheapest TOTS cards on PC.

In the coming days and weeks, EA will continue to release more End of an Era SBCs, and it is highly likely that TOTS players will be required again. When this happens, their prices will back shoot up.

My favorite looks for these are defenders from good nations and leagues with a rating of 84+. Even if they are a few thousand coins more than the cheapest TOTS card for your console, I still think paying the extra money will be worth it in the long run. A few good options are Nick Pope, Andrea Masiello,ย Daniel Caliguiri, Lucas Hernandez, and Adil Rami if you can get them for 27k or less. Otherwise, a TOTS card that you can get for discard is an equally good buy – there is ZERO risk there.