TOTW Investing is Back!

For long-time followers of the website and community, you’ll know that TOTW base card investing can be some of the most profitable and safe methods out there (see this article for specifics on why).

With the conclusion of the World Cup two weeks ago, EA has resumed Team of the Week. Here are some examples of players who made it into the TOTW that had their base cards increase in price when they went out of packs.

TOTW 38 Examples

TOTW 39 Examples

Target for Week 40

Player:ย Zlatan Ibrahimovic (hat trick against Orlando this weekend)

Target Price:ย 21,000 coins or less

Target Sell:ย 30,000 coins or by Wednesday, August 8th (whichever comes first)




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Iโ€™ve packed a few tots and bought some as investments, i want to sell them now to buy a player but i want to make sure i can get the most money i can out of them. when should i sell them? i bought roberstons for 21k as well as i packed rousillion and auour.


Hi chief, you advised to buy tots cards for as close to discard as poss a week or so ago. Since there was no need for them in any new SBC should I discard and invest in something else or hold on to see if there’s another end of era sbc that requires them?


Cheers boss. Wasn’t blaming you for the SBC requirements , just seeking your opinion on whether there would be more released. I’m not losing anything on my tots players as they were bought at discard.