Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 48

An exciting time of the year as leagues across the begin their seasons! While there are many investment options for next week’s MM, here is my safe, and potentially very profitable, pick.

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Feyenoord v. Excelsior

Known as the Rotterdam Derby, these clubs hailing from the Netherlands face off in an early-season clash.

For the fixture, my favorite investment option is Nicolai Jørgensen. Being a 79 rated rare gold card, he discards for 632 coins. At the moment, you can get him for close to that price.

Target BUY: 800 coins or less

Target SELL: Tuesday, August 14th after the announcement or when he reaches 2,000 coins (whichever comes first)



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Thx for all your ‘thoughts’! Made already over 150K in less then two days! Which MM will also show up, you think? Cheers, Dani