How to Make 1 Million Coins by October 8th

On September 19th, EA is set to release FIFA 19 on Xbox for Origin users. I expect the web app to be debuted at that point as well across all consoles.

Here is how you can make 1 million coins in the 20 days that follow from September 19th to October 8th.

0-10k (September 19th)


  • Login to the web app daily – EA give out rewards for logging into the web app every day. These rewards vary depending on how long you have played Ultimate Team; players that have been involved for more years will receive more glamorous packs and coin gifts. However, even if you just began playing FIFA this past year, make sure you login daily as small rewards of 50-100 coins can make a huge difference at the beginning of the trading season.
  • Complete Objectives – These were introduced last year. Starter Objectives, Daily Objectives, and Weekly objectives earn you rewards such as packs, coins, and items. While many of the rewards are slim, they can make a big difference in making your first couple thousand coins.
  • Find filters that return players required for SBCs – In FIFA 18, the “One-Nation Midfield” SBC shown below was a HUGE moneymaker for me (see details in this article).

    In FIFA 19, I anticipate there to be more challenges like this. Early SBCs are one of the only ways people can get decent pack rewards at the beginning, and because of this, players who are required for them are in high demand. However, people often don’t realize the value of these players and list them for far below what they are worth. I’ll communicate later on if there are any particular SBCs or filters which deem profitable.

  • Activate coin boosts and sell catalogue items (Xbox) – Fortunately for Xbox users, Origin members are granted a 10-hour early access period to FIFA 19 beginning on September 19th. The entirety of this period should be dedicated to Ultimate Team. In your catalogue, make sure you quick-sell badges and kits for some easy early coins. Additionally, unlock transfer target/list increases and activate your coin boosts in order to earn greater bonuses for playing matches (unlock the 1000 coin boosts first). 

10k-50k (September 20th-21st)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – It is essential to be trading religiously in the first 20 days following the web app release in order to get to 1,000,000 coins by October 8th. Target profiting at least 10k per hour when trading. If finding filters for SBCs proves unsuccessful, attempt trading silvers from popular leagues (Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, La Liga, or Premier League) by either sniping or bidding on them. Utilize your full transfer list when doing so to maximize your profits.
  • Monitor OTW gold card prices – Investing in these players was THE BEST early investment option in FIFA 18.I expect more of the same for FIFA 19. Check out this article to see my top 10 OTW gold card investments.
  • Attempt trading cheap TOTW 1 cards – Now that we have established a decent coin base, we can attempt to trade more expensive players. This is advantageous because there is less competition for these cards i.e. less people have the capital available to buy them. Try filtering Special – 15,000 coins max buy it now and see if you can get some deals on TOTW 1 players in the 59th minute. An effective way to do this is by using the Short FUT Chrome Extension on the web app. Check out this article for more detailed instructions on how to do go about it.

50k-200k (September 22nd-24th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Invest in OTW gold cards – We cannot be sure which players will make the Ones to Watch squad and which will not. For that reason, it is a good idea to spread out your investments. I recommend picking up at least one of each of these players and tossing them in your club. That way, they will not take up valuable transfer list space that could be used for trading.
  • Buy TOTW 2 gold players – For the same reason that OTW gold cards are so profitable, so too are TOTW 2 gold cards. When a player gets an inform, their gold card is forced out of packs, cutting off their supply and often increasing their price. Take Alvaro Morata’s gold card from FIFA 18 as an example.Morata increased dramatically for multiple reasons.
    • 1. He was cheap.
    • 2. He was high rated.
    • 3. He played in a good league.
    • 4. He played for a good nation
    • 5. He was in Team of the Week
    • 6. He was In Ones to Watch
    • For this year, keep an eye out for situations like his. Buy up gold cards that perform well the weekend of September 22nd that cover many bases like Morata.
  • Monitor high rated player prices – At the beginning of the game, high rated players have little value. There are not yet any SBCs requiring them, and as a result they have very low prices. Take Veratti and Godin as examples. They tripled in price in a couple weeks after the web app release (due to Icon SBCs and Harry Kane POTM SBCs). This year, we could see SBCs that require high rated players sooner. Just as Apple and Amazon are safe investments for the long-term, so too are high rated players. Monitor their prices in the early days of the web app and see if any are worth investing in.

200k-500k (September 25th-27th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Sell TOTW 2 gold players – The biggest question here is: when should we sell these TOTW 2 players? Before the TOTW announcement at 3PM UK time on September 26th, or after? This is dependent on several factors, including who the player is, the likelihood that they will make TOTW 2, and how much they rise in the hype prior to the TOTW 2 announcement. That being said, “selling in the hype” is historically the best option for investments – many of these players will rise simply in anticipation of going out of packs. For this reason, coupled with the fact that selling early will offer a quicker investment turnaround, I recommend selling these TOTW 2 gold players on Wednesday before the announcement.
  • Buy high rated players – In addition to price, some are things to consider when purchasing these players are:
    • Defenders rise more than midfielders/attackers when it comes to SBCs
    • Good nations and league are important
    • Premier League POTM SBCs often have PL requirements
    • Cech met many of these conditions last year – be on the lookout for a situation similar to his

500k-1,000,000 (September 28th-October 8th)


  • Continue grinding profitable filters – See above.
  • Invest in the Bruma of FIFA 19 (when OTW drops) – We cannot be sure who will be in the OTW squad when it comes out at 6PM UK time on September 28th. However, we do know the players that will be most profitable as a result of the Ones to Watch promo. We need to go all-in on a player like that of Bruma from FIFA 18.Bruma rose by 403.8% last year. This rise in price was for several reasons:
    • He was out of packs as a result of getting a OTW card
    • He plays in a good league
    • He is a pacey attacker with 4* skills and 4* WF
    • He wasn’t expensive (cheaper players ALWAYS offer better returns)
    • He wasn’t hyped for a OTW card and inflated like others
    • If I had to make a prediction of the “Bruma” of FIFA 19, I would guess Keita Baldé Diao or Serge Gnabry. 
  • Sell OTW gold cards – Another question of “when to sell”, my recommendation is to begin offloading your OTW gold card investments on October 5th. The biggest reason I recommend selling a few days before these cards return to packs is because OTW gold cards have been the most hyped early investment strategy by the community. This means that many others will also look to be selling their investments sometime during the weekend of October 5th-7th. Beat the rush and sell before the investor supply hits the market.
  • Sell high rated players (if SBC requires them) – As mentioned above, the Icon SBCs on October 12th and Kane POTM SBCs on October 13th were the first challenges that required high rated players last year. We cannot be sure of when the first high rated SBC requirement will drop, but it could occur as early as September 28th for the August PL POTM. Whenever we get the SBC, sell off your high rated investments and cash in.



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Hi chief, could you make an early guide for ps4 users too? We will starting playing on 25th September (with early access) and 28th as normal launch.


Oh, i get it, the guide is for both consoles, i must do all the things on the web app.


yo chief , the silvers filter is getting too diffcult / lesser profit margins
any other suggestion for the 10-50k targeting ?


what do you mean with profitable filters?


When you say go all in on this years “bruma” do you mean invest all my coins on that player when otw drops?