TOTW 1 Investments

Player: Yann Sommer

Reasoning: High rated inform players ALWAYS have value in Ultimate Team because of SBCs. EA often require inform players for things like Icon and Premium squad building challenges.

But what makes Sommer a particularly good look for FIFA 19 is the fact that we will be getting Bundesliga POTM cards this year.

The Premier League Player of the Month consistently requires informs from the BPL. Check out these examples from last year:



Aguero POTM

Salah POTM

I expect similar requirements for the Bundesliga POTM – challenges that require informs from the top German league.

As a similar example to Sommer, take a look at Fabianski from last year. The two have a lot in common; they are both goal keepers, play in leagues that will have POTM cards, have high ratings, and are both in TOTW 1 (Fabianski was in TOTW 1 for FIFA 18).

Target BUY: Less than 13,000 coins.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit.

Player: Jerome Gondorf

Reasoning: For the same reasons as Sommer above, Gondorf is an equally good look. I expect him to be cheaper because of his lower rating.

Target BUY: 11,000 coins or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit.

Player: Alvaro

Reasoning: Spanish center backs are some of the most easy players to incorporate into SBCs. This is because of the abundance of high rated, cheap players from Spain in FIFA (e.g. Pique, Busquets, Illarramendi, Iniesta, etc.). The La Liga central defender will become in short supply very quickly as he is submitted into these SBCs. Coupled with the fact that he is a TOTW that already has a short supply, I anticipate Alvaro to rise considerably after he is removed from packs.

Target BUY: 12,000 coins or less.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit.



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Fraser for 11.750, good investment?


i got a gnarby for 5.8k should i keep or sell

Shahzeb Faheem

Is Yarmolenko a good investment considering the rating?

Shahzeb Faheem

Do you think that Lucas Moura will be given the POTM sbc for this month? So spurs players?

Michael Scriven

Is Xhaka worth investing in?


I packed Neymar. I should sell him and invest coins for informs and other players? Maybe i should sell him after game premier?


Sorry guys, Im newbie in FUT . Someone can tell me if I packed Lucas Moura(rare gold) , if he’s in TOTW is that mean my rare gold will turning into TOTW card and his price will rise?


Hey Chief, just curious because since this post some of these players have risen – ex. Alvaro is now around 15k, but I was curious, what do you think about Angel? He is an 83, La Liga, and Spanish. Also sitting under 12k, you think he will be a good investment? I already have about 6 of him LOL.


Hows these investments?
– Ryan Fraser(11k)
– Yarmalenko (14k)
– Angel (10500)

Almost discard prices. Good buys or… Need a fix?


XHAKA (IF) FOR 12K is a GOOD inestment?


I packed Prime Icon 92 Schmeichel. Keep or invest in ToTW 1, along with ToTW2 players when they come out? Thanks in advance?


I packed Timo Werner IF last night, his price on PS4 was 115k last night when I packed him, he has dropped to 110k this morning, Do I keep or sell?


Same advice for me on Prime Deco? I’ve never had an Icon this early in the game. Only other thing I considered was selling and investing in two baby icons instead.


I picked up a Gondorf and Sommer on your recommendation. Both have appreciated nicely. Do you think they continue to rise from here? Should I wait to see if a Bundesliga POTM comes along or take profit now. I dont need the coins right now, just trying to determine the opportunity cost at this point