TOTW 2 Gold Investment: Talisca

Player: Talisca

Reasoning: The Brazilian CAM scored two crucial goals and also contributed an assist in a 3-2 victory. He is a sure thing for TOTW 2.

As a result, his 82 rated base card will go out of packs from September 26th to October 3rd.

This cut in supply, coupled with the fact that he could be required for the Lucas Moura POTM, means that his price will shoot up in price.

Target BUY: Less than 4,500 coins

Target SELL: 10,000 coins or before October 3rd (whichever comes first)





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currently buying some thanks for the tip! btw when should i be buying my starter team?


My starter includes Yarmolenko, Fraser and Xhaka, What’s your favorite IF to trade with right now?


Packed Auba Willian Otamendi and Lucas from the Hybrid Nations packs made about 400k off of them so now I’m on 600k transfer profit! Makes trading with IFs so easy


Hey buddy, would it be good to buy him now, or after the 25th? Will people packing him cause his price to go down, or will the influx of coins cause his price to go up? Cheers,

Chimezuru Ano Anyanwu

how many do you recommend we buy?


Depends of the amount of coins you have. If you have a lot it’s always better to spread out your investments to minimize the risk.

Michael Scriven

Is Vardy worth buying?

Michael Scriven

Or zaha?


Is tle lucas moura still good look to buy? ( he is 13k on ps4 right now)

Thomas clark

I picked up 2 for 16k on xbox one its more risky than other players but if it pays out then it will pay out a lot of coins 😁

Michael Scriven

Best player to get for around 40k?


Picked a few of him up on PSN for 3.4k, What price do you reckon that he’ll go to due to him being (Hopefully) inform?


i still dont understand with the sniping filter and who should i buy from there ,can you help me out ? cause im new at this early trading thanks


should i keep azpilicueta and martial or invest in other players


I have a xhaka if, how much will he go up by?

Thomas clark

Will he rise to 25k plus anyway? With the sbc maybe 30k?

Thomas clark

Thanks Chief your a life saver ✌🏻


I have matuidi and alli should i sell them and invest in some others players…if yes what players?


Does this apply for Ben yader’s Hat-trick and 1 assist on his team’s win 6-2 ?


I bought Rashford for 10k, he now goes for 20k. Should I hold on to him, or sell? (PS4) Which low budget is the best player to invest in? Other than Talisca.

Victor Navarro

Why noy Oscar? Him and Talisca are both brazilians CAMs 82 rating…


talisa price went down to less than 3000. should we buy lots of him ?

Frederik Friis Johansen

When is the time to sell him you think? Just be aware of the market or try to be in front?


Does this method apply to every TOTW throughout the year?
Buy gold cards of potential players that are to make in TOTW and sell when they’re out of packs?


Hey there FutChief,
I’ve got 4 Anderson to sell, when would be the best time to list them?
Also, I’ve got a Sommer, when’s best time to sell him?


When do you rreckon his price will go up. He’s currently around 4k