Q & A Tuesday – Week 2

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Martin Toledo Amoncio

Is it still advisable to buy talisca? I got 5 of him for 3700 and now hes 2200 ๐Ÿ™

Martin Toledo Amoncio

Thanks Futchief! When do you think is the best time to sell TOTW 1 players?


This is my first season of really engaging with Fifa. What’s the best strategy for listing cards for MM? It seems like prices are really unstable. Open bidding or try to gage the proper BIN? I always do BIN for my other sales…


Other important days/time to keep note for trading? What about TOTW announcement?


Where can I view the TOTW & MM announcement ?


Keep veratti or sell?


invested 80k yesterday in 8 verratis an 3 illsmarendis, 2 martinez an lost ~ 20k now, when do you thing they will rise again?


Will Lozano’s price go back up?


Hey there, Iโ€™ve been trying out your sniping filters and its not working very well for me on PS4. Could you recommend the best one or help me to understand how long should I be staying on a filter? Much appreciated


Keep the good work bro.. Started following your page at the end of last FIFA and had good profit…


Is it smart to buy players like son, manolas, douglas costa? They are extinct on pc but i dont know what will happen with the price once they update the price ranges.


I have around 1,4 million coins, but i donโ€™t know what is a high budget trading method. You still advice investing in gold OTW cards? Or is there so high budget trading methode you would use?

Thomas clark

Mat take a look at his article on TOTW 1 cards. They have crashed today due to packs and will rise. I had 900k and invested about 700k in Inform Xhakas Inform Alvaros Inform Sommers and 1 inform werner Im expecting to get around 900k back as a result bringing me to 1.1 million.


Iยดm going to invest into Talisca and Ben Yedder. How much should i go up to spent coins on them? Talisca 4,5k and Ben Yedder?
After them when TOTW 2 is out there is a gap between tommorow 6pm and the official release on 28th. Which players are good to buy in this gap? I think the price will drop again on 28th because of the pack openings?!


I have invested in a lot of players for marquee matchups and OTW, as well as some hyped players that i have packed. But now i have 5k and no team and i am looking to sell everything on friday when the market will go crazy. What should i do? I think that it is dumb to buy overpriced players on friday when the price will fall down again in some weeks.

Dani Kraay

I’ve packed Salah yesterday.. should i keep him and wait for a week or maybe 2 after release with selling?
Or will his price not go up that much? Hes about 240.000 now.

Thx so much!


Don’t you think its better to invest in sarabia? Its not sure that he gets in TOTW but he only costs 650 so you can quicksell him with no loss if he doesn’t get in TOTW?

Dani Kraay


Packed Salah yesterday.. worth about 250k as we speak..
Is it good to keep him until release? will the price spike after a week or maybe 2?

Thx so much man ur a life saver.


Following the crash today how long do you think it’ll take the market to recover?

Frederik Friis Johansen

Great work man! Already loving your site! Thanks for some good advice! Looking forward to making some money!


Should I sell or hold Casemiro?


Hi.. love your work here.. this is my first time trying to do trading after 4 years playing fifa and i found your posts really helpful. Thanks

I have followed your suggestion on investing on players like jorginho fred keita who might be on otw cards. I would like to ask when will be the best time to sell,if say they do end up on otw cards?

Another question is when will be the best time to buy OP cards like kondogbia/inaki williams/ kimpembe? Is it now or after worldwide release?

Thanks a lot


I’m doing Sbcs now that I have the game and can collect coins. Should i cash in my packs now or wait for the otw and totw to drop (also when will they)


I bought a lot of Glykos (150). Should I wait for MM announcements or sell them before?