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Ricardo Olguín Castillo

Hey Chief, I ended up with 3 players that are now on TOTW. They are not in-forms, they are regular gold cards.
When is it a good time to sell them?
BTW, they are: Talisca, Leiva and Traoré.


hey, can you explain this a bit more? as you suggested i bought some goretzkas because of otw.

what happens if he becomes otw and what happens if not?


Thomas clark

Sup chief
I bought 11 alvaros last week and right now they are 13k. There are a lot of them on the market. Will they rise and if they do how quickly?


when should I sell Matip chief? thanks for the advice.


I’m talking about the gold card version of him


Chief btw, when would be the best time to sell Leon Bailey, Shaqiri , Malcom and Keita?

Thank you so much, keep up the good work !


Chief I meant *selling* them not buying.thank you so much !

Sick ffia

Hi chief, I’ve got two goretzkas for 20k and 28k, 7 talisca for 3600 I’m on ps4, are these good investments and when should I sell? Cheers


Would you say it’s too late to pick up a few Taliscas off the market if TOTW is out? I’m seeing some hovering around 4K still


I have 6 Matip and 4 Talisca, Talisca i will hold him until 6th/7th if he get a OTW. And Matip i sell 2th/3th. Is that it?


When do ypu suggest selling totw 1 players? I bought gondorf, sommer and the lazio keeper?


What about Ben Yedder, when should he be sold? Gold rare.


Hiya chief, I have 10 Illharamendi’s at 2.5k each xhaka inform for 15k sommer informfor 12k de vrij for 3.8k and fred i packed, is it worth holding on to any and if yes who or sell cheers.


Is it smart to buy inform cards when they are out and sell them next week?
For example I think of buying gundogan for 80k now will his price go up when he is out of packs?


I just got if gundogan for 72k you think it was the right move? Will his price go up?


Hi chief i picked up some insignes for 57k (on xbox) just before totw2 was released he is now down to 50k, do you think he will raise back up to the 55k area! Thanks!


I would like to buy Insigne IF, what time is the best time to buy?


Hello Chief.
I have several Taliscas, Cechs and Matips.
I will get my copy today and start playing, and need to buy my squad.
What do you think is the best option.
Sell everything now and build my squad, hold onto my cards and play with a shitty team until then?

Thank you


I have invested in Talisca’s at around $3,700 a piece. The price has dropped since TOTW2 came out. Is it a bad sign that these prices are dropping instead of increasing or do you think the prices will increase significantly for Talisca in the coming days? If so, should I continue to invest in him at the $3,500 he is going for now?


What do you think about investing in Lemar for about 14000 because he gets a sure OTW card? Would it be better to invest in Goretzka instead?


Hey, Chief. I’m looking at some potential investments for Bundesliga Player of the Month. I am under the impression these will be in the game this year (they got the rights or something). Do you think it’d be better to pick up a few Zielers at ~10.5k or sommer for 13k who is 2 ratings higher and totw 1 so potentially more rare. thanks in advance.