Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 2

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

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I’ve mainly had success sniping and BPM, and of course lucky to get Fred with champs league edition. No complaints with this Brazilian squad so far!

Beyond getting CL Edition, I want to earn the rest of my cards here on out, so I will be trying to invest wisely in MM’s and such. Keep up the great work, Chief.


Hey chief, should I sell Talisca right now at 6k when i bought 3 of him at 3k or should I wait ? I don’t know if his price will rise c:


when should i sell this team?


Hi Chief,

I’ve decided to liquidise my squad today in anticipation of tomorrow’s market dip.
– Should I also sell my IF Xhaka’s or will he rise in price even past the weekend?

– Would I be better off using the Friday dip to purchase players on the cheap to do some SBC’s or investing in med-price players who I can flip in the next week?


Don’t sell Xhaka, wait for its SBC to come.. price will definitely rise πŸ™‚


Hi Chief,

I just packed Sterling in one of my Rival Reward packs, he’s currently around 50k, should I sell now or keep him?



I think this squad is good to. Formation 433(2).


While I have enough coins to get a much better team, this is the current team I’m using. I have invested more in trading players than making a team. Exciting to see what tean I end up with in the future

Rex M.

Hay Chief,
As depay is one of my favourite players and has a incredibly good card this year (at least so do i think), I had to build a team around him which was quite hard as i also wanted to get Van Dijk into the same Squad. So i thought about a Netherlands team including strootman and promes, but that just didnt work out well. So i came up with this and im actually very happy about it. — — (I swap Wijnaldum with Fekir ingame)
Im 10-5-5 now with this team wich is alright but apart from the(in my eyes) decent score i actually enjoyed playing this team as both strikers can be sent to run but also with a good cross can be sent flying for the header. The Defense is Strong but still fast and the center is strong in nearly every aspect.
I can just encourage anyone with enough coins to give this team a shot.

Greetings and big ups for the great Website


Hi Chief, i get ronaldo and gattuso in sbc packs, and i have now 2 mill coins, but my tem is good Seria team, and i don’t want to buy players now, so i want to invest my money in something, can u help me?

Dave B

Will the market 100% dip tomorrow? And then rise after this?
Most traders say you should invest all your coins before tomorrow? Why are some liquidising?


Chief, i bought kluivert. Like lots of them. Should i sell them before otw is released or after it’s released


Hey Chief,
really loving your tips around FIFA.
My Team so far: .
Any recommendations from anyone? (Want to buy Diego Costa instead of Moreno)

Greetings πŸ™‚


Is If Shoya Nakajima a good investment? good stats and currently at 10.5k


Is it good idea to sell gomez, szczesny and cuadrado today, and rebuy it tommorow (with hope there will be one day crash because of the game release)??


Sup Chief, i’ve a lot of cards, some 84, and a lot of 83, if i sell everything right now i make like 53K, should i sell now or until until the full release/next week?


Hey chief
i packed today 2 lucas mouras so should i sell them now or will they rise more when the sbc is out?


Hi Chief,

I have 2 fabinho’s. Bought them for 55k. Shall i sell them or hold them?
Thanks a lot


Hi chief. Talisca seems to be dropping in price on PS4. Do you think he will continue to drop or have a late surge? Only have 3 of him as. On a very limited budget. Bought at 3700 each.


Mahrez is currently 60k, don’t you think he will drop in price tomorrow when the full game releases even though he gets in OTW?


I just packed 83 tolisso save him or sell him?


when do i sell players that i invest in that could potentially get an if or special card.. when theyre hype or right after the players gets a special card or if?


so for instance if i got a totw investment they get the if for the week you say to wait til tuesday or wednsday morning before the new totw comes out to sell them? what about players like fred and goretzka for tomorrow do i sell them right when the otw comes out or wait?