[Repost] Analysis: FIFA 18 OTW Base Cards

  • Ones To Watch (OTW) cards from FIFA 18 came out on Friday, September 29th and remained in packs until Monday, October 9th
  • Base cards for chosen OTW players were removed from packs during this period
  • The resulting cut in supply caused for dramatic price increases

FIFA 18 OTW Base Cards

Analysis (Xbox)

  • Bruma yielded the best ROI (return on investment) at 403.8%
  • Sigurdsson yielded the worst ROI at 1.8%
  • Tolisso had the most impressive rise for a mid-tier priced player, jumping from 13,500 coins to 30,269 coins, an increase of 124.2%
  • 23/23 players rose in price during the 10 day period
  • 18/23 players rose by 50%+ during the 10 day period
  • 8/23 players rose by 100%+ during the 10 day period
  • 4/23 players rose by 200%+ during the 10 day period
  • Many of these players could be bought for cheaper than their prices on September 29th if you purchased them during the web app period before the full release
  • Cheaper players tend to have a better ROI than expensive players



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All fine, but the question is… how can we invest on the first day of the game? I mean, where can we get coins from to invest??


So what players from this years OTWs do you think would be good investments? From the cheaper ones?

Chris janssen

Hi chief i have 300 k what should i invest


If i pack a lemar otw and he is worth 68k right now, should i sell?


TOTW wesley, de paul, fraser, cech, lucas leiva and a OTW Mariano. Keep? Sell? If so when?


Hello chief. Bought sommer and xhakha totw cards. After reading your side, i found out that sommer potm will be releasing,which will provide a good opportunity to sell both of those totw cards. When is the sommer potm sbc release timing. And i should be selling those cards within 1-2 hrs from the release timing right?


How long should I hold Lucas, Keita and Malcom?


The prices seem to be decreasing for Sokratis and Malcom. Do you think they are gonna decrease further or increase again?