Marquee Matchup Predictions for Week 3

After a slight hiccup in scheduling last week, it looks like Marquee Matchups for FIFA 19 will be featured every Thursday at 6PM UK time. Here are a couple fixtures with some good investments for next week.

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Porto v. Benfica

In a derby dubbed “O Classico”, Porto (15 points, 1st in table) takes on Benfica (14 points, 2nd in table) in attempts to hold it’s top position. Look to invest in gold cards from either club.

Gold cards from Benfica.

Gold cards from Porto.

Target BUY: Less than 500 coins

Target SELL: After the announcement at 6PM on October 4th OR when they reach 1000 coins, whichever comes first.

Lokomotiv v. CSKA

Lokomotiv (9 points, 11th in table) faces CSKA (16 points, 3rd in table) in a showdown of the Russian league. Plenty of cheap silvers to grab from either side.

Silver cards from Lokomotiv.

Silver cards from CSKA.

Target BUY: Less than 300 coins

Target SELL: After the announcement at 6PM on October 4th OR when they reach 750 coins, whichever comes first.



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Hi. I bought salah for 340k yesterday. Now he is 270k. Will he go up again?


I have just packed mané in an sbc pack, keep or sell?

Fifa Rookie

Among the 3 – Lucas, Keita, and Malcom, which one do you fancy most and what is a good target price to enter given the current market?

Fifa Rookie

I’m on PS4


Hey, first of all thanks for everything!
I just pulled Pizzi, will he rise if the benfica Marquee Matchup comes out?


Hi at week 4 there would be probably inter-milan sbc at marquiee matchup what should I take as a limit at investing 350 less or 500 less


Thanks for replying <3


How sure are you the Liga Nos game will be in MM on Thursday? Is it worth investing a good 40k into it?


I have my doubts , I’m gunning more on the Russian game, and the Osaka derby.


Non rares?


When does the scream cards come out

Himanshu Goyal

I got OTW Leon Goretzka it was selling around 210k until tuesday, now its 180 , should i keep it to sell later or will the price never go back up ?


Hello chief, I bought around 50 silver cards both from lokomotiv and CSKA at 150 by bidding and they are now around 800 coins do I sell them now or wait till the marquee matchups are released?