TOTW 2 Investment: Kenny Lala

Player:ย Kenny Lala

Reasoning:ย Discard investments are some of my favorite investments. This is because they are literally ZERO RISK. For example, if you were to get Lala at 10,000 coins, you would, at the least, sell him for 9,882 coins, risking losing merely 118 coins (see this page for a list of quick sell values for all player ratings/versions).

While many informs have prices near discard, Lala is a particularly good look because of the scarcity of quality RBs in Ligue 1.

As you can see, Meunier is the most expensive French league full back from the right side. His price will only increase with time as he was in the short-supplied TOTW 1.

As Meunier gets more expensive, the only viable budget option at right back for a Ligue 1 squad is Lala.

Target BUY:ย 10,000 coins

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit.



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I have bought 2 Lala’s for 10K each on PS4.. Will i just keep my eye on it daily to see when there’s profit or will i wait till it’s out of packs/before the weekend league?

Also absolutely love the work you do on herem you’ve helped my transfer profit increase and make more coins so thank you bro.


I got 12 lala .. let’s test your theory.
Ty for your work bro


Reus had yesterday 2 goals and assist, his gold card worth investment for the next totw?


when should i sell my OTW Jorginho


Bought 5 of them! We’ll see what happens, thanks anyways! Love your site ๐Ÿ™‚


Thanks for the info! I’ve invested in 5 for 10k each. Quick question: I managed to pack Hazard and Van Dijk from an SBC pack. Should I sell them now or hold onto them for a couple of weeks?


Thanks mate. I think I’ll sell Hazard and Van Dijk so I can invest more coins into OTW golds


Packed varane otw priced at 166k yesterday. Heโ€™s already down to 160k. Ideas?


just packed keita otw when is the best time to sell?

Filip Sell that team and buy this

And also should i sell any of my players that i have in my team rn? For example Xhaka IF?


And buy Talisca IF instead of his regular card.


45k ps4 – best investment?

this, fred,keita or malcolm?

thanks in advance

Victor Navarro

Hi Chief,
I have 10 taliscas that ive bought for 3,5k, should i still try to sell them for 9-10k, and when is the best time/hour to sell?


i packed pogba when i should sell him
and what i should do invest in


hey chief!

i have 75k and was wondering what you think the best investment with it is, On ps4 and looking to get returns in the next few weeks. i was looking at IF lala, IF xhaka/cech, Fred, keita and malcolm.
any input is greatly appreciated.



Hey! Quick Question.
You think Adamyan will rise or should I just sell him?


just packed dybala, should i sell now or wait or what to do?


what would you say would be a decent profit on him chief?

Fifa Rookie

Hi Chief,

Sorry if this is off topic, but I just packed baby Blanc on PS4. What are your thoughts on icons? Should I sell or keep? I believe he’s currently worth around 700k. What’s a good investment for such coins? Thanks!


would i buy many of sigurrsson he is predicted to be in the totw ? and when i should sell my team ?

Ben Griffiths

Hey futchief, think what you have done so far is amazing.

When would you recommend buying Kompany also would you think cancelo is a good investment for when his price changes?

Ben Griffiths

Thanks Futchief; I’ve brought 25 Kompany all for 8.5 or lower some I got for 6k!
I’ll wait for the hype to sell ๐Ÿ‘Œ


IF Lala has appreciated nicely. Do you anticipate a lot more upside or are we close to the top?