Hazard POTM Investment: Kompany

Player: Vincent Kompany

Reasoning: With yesterday’s performance, Eden Hazard has solidified himself as the Premier League September POTM (see full list of candidates here). The SBCs for this will be released on October 12th.

Being such a quality player, EA will have to make his card expensive. One of the ways they can do this is by requiring high rated players, particularly from the Premier League. Kompany is the cheapest 85 rated player in the BPL by a mile; the next closest player is Alderweirweld, and he is over 10k more expensive.

In addition to his rating and league, Kompany’s nationality also makes him a good look. He is Belgian just like Hazard, which could potentially also be a requirement.

Lastly, there is a very good chance that we could be seeing Icon SBCs in the 12 days between now and the September POTM release. In FIFA 18, the first of these were released on Thursday, October 12th. This would make all high rated players rise, including Kompany.

Target BUY: Less than 8,000 coins.

Target SELL: Sell in the hype a couple hours before the September POTM release on October 12th or gamble and hold in hopes that he is required and goes up. If he isn’t, his price will drop.



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Considering the fact that budget is 130k, would you rather recommend to invest in kompany or in lala inform?


Thanks for all your help, I understand we ask a lot of stupid questions because we are new to this but I really appreciate what you are doing. With that being sad I’m going to ask another lol. I bought a couple of keita baldés and emre cans and talliscas, will these still rise in price ? thanks again

Jay dean

I’ve invested in players like kompany ..Mata .. bernado Silva ect (all 83/84 rated players in prem) and I have a few if Matip and cech .. are these good investments or should I focus just on kompany ??


What about Sterling?


Also, could u please build a 50k team using Lucas Moura potm. While doing the sbc I profited due to packing Gabriel Jesus.


Use FUTbin and make your own squad, dude! Squad building is one thing which I’d recommend you to do it yourself.


Talisca gold will not rise more?


Apart from Kompany, is there any other player that I can possibly invest in for both the POTM and Icon SBC’S?


How many hours before the POTM do you reckon?

Thomas clark

Hi chief I am now at the point where im happy with my profit on alavaros inform and will be selling my 14 cards for 15k each giving me around 200k liquid to invest in. I have 22 informs such as xhaka and sommer as potm investments so i was wondering wether i should buy 11 matips, 15 cechs or 7 otw richarlisons (my reason with the richarlisons is that i can pick them up on bid for 28k and sell on before a match for 50k, which would give me around 140k profit) Thoughts?

Thomas clark

Okay so when i sell off my alvaros i will have 270k (xbox one) in my account. where would you personally spend this?
Thanks Chief

Thomas clark

So you would buy 33 kompanys for 277k?
Thanks chief


Hi chief,

Invest in which players in xbox (30 sept) with 80k? Not clear what you recommend for prices to Buy (I.e. Keita, malcom, talisca).


Have you invested yourself? 🙂


I’ve done all the SBC’s and got no-one. My whole account is POTM Lucas and 57k. I can’t play until Friday so who who should I invest in until then.


What do you recommend investing into company?


Hey i have 1 million to invest. (lucky packs) Which of the following would you go hardest in for if you were me? OTW regular golds, cech/xhaka ifs or this?


Is there a chance i will lose on this investment? Or can i go full invest on it

keagan moore

Hi there chief. I fully trust your info that if I invest in 30 kompanys I will make a big profit. But I was just wondering how will kompanys price just start to rise ?? I mean people who buy him will still look for the cheapest price and sellers cant just list him high priced because no one will buy him? And he has no totw to make his card go out of packs ? So how does it work ?


Chief, thank you so much for all your tips. Started following you page last february and i’ve learned so much since.
This is a suggestion: When you post the new sbc on your page, I would love to see your comment on either your thinking on doing it or not. I know most of the times you dont do them, so if you do, they gotta be worth it.


when’s the best time to start investing? right now? or do we have till a certain day to invest?


When you say “target buy under 8000 coins”, is that in relation to the Xbox or PlayStation market? Or is it both?


hey chief i just packed varane should i sell him for 160k and invest in other players? if so who? or will he go up in price before weekend league?

Fifa Rookie

What is your target sell price for Kompany chief?