Q & A Tuesday – Week 3

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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How would you suggest i invest 350k now?


I have 70k what are the best things to invest in right now, because I feel as if I am too late for kompany.


What’s the best time slots for buying and selling the cards?


Got 200k, what would you recommend?


Hey Chief, I appreciate the effort you make to create quality content. As I near the time to sell my starter investments, what leagues if any, do you think give you the most value for your money. Or in other words, which leagues are the most budget friendly?


hi,chief. I bought several IF cech for potm hazard(almost) for 14K each, should i sell them at Oct. 12th or a little earlier?


What is your strategy in regards to SBC’s or does it vary? I feel like the Aubemayang SBC could be worth the reward?


Hi. In previous years all my money has come from sbc. Always do the advanced ones. I would refrain from doing the auba one due to very little reward. However, in these types of reward occasionally you get lucky(like I did while getting Jesus from a pack for completing Moura) so if you want the card badly then it is only 7k


at what price i should sell kompany? i bought 10 at 6500-8000


Hi Chief, may i know all the timing you stated are they in UK time or ?


Chief love what your doing. Have you noticed that certain times of day drop or raise prices? Also im not sure if you have mentioned anything about this yet, but with the release of the league sbcs i was wondering if you could maybe go over where we could earn profit from these and maybe the best players to stockpile?


why do you say to invest in IF cech and If Matip

Luke Meyer 22

What should I do with my taliscas since they haven’t rose in price yet??


What is maximum invest price in Kompany that you would recommend


Are these prices based off Xbox or PS4 market?

Oliver pottage

Hi chief, would you ever do a post on how to use the Futbin graphs to your advantage? I know the basics of usage but not exactly what to look for, for example patterns of player prices fluctuating, thanks


Should i invest in Richarlison otw?


Morning.. do you think there will be a guaranteed OTW sbc this year? Invested in high rated players and cech If in the hope there will be…


Hi, Chief. Will the price of all 83-rated player and above increase when Weekend League is approaching? If yes, when should I sell them?

Aviv Kaplan

Should I invest in OTW Smolov?
Seems decent for 12.5K


If NIF Hazard isn’t required for the POTM SBC do you think the card price will recover to current levels after a brief drop? It’s currently around 400k on PS4.

Ryan doyle

Yo chief
Iโ€™m at a bit of a predicament as I am very wary of the forthcoming event of the September sbc, do u think the kompany could plumit below 8k