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Hey chief,

Iโ€™m sitting on about 75k and looking to invest, kompany is up to almost 10k, would you still recommend investing in him or should I branch out? I was thinking more IF cech as he is still cheap, although I already have 5 of him. Any recommendations?



Will ucl players fall or rise in price ? Shall I sell straight away ?


I packed Gabriel jesus UCL Should i sell or wait?


Hi chief
Just wondered if the liverpool players prices are gonna go back down i had moreno and TAA in my squad just noticed they had both shot up to over 9k so decided to sell them both with over 900% profit but would like them back in my squad eventually


Will Liverpool players go down before the sbc is over? I would like to complete the sbc, but Iโ€™m not paying 10k for those players



I have Alisson and since he is from otw should I still hold him? His price just dropped 5k due to the SBC’s

Thanks and appreciate any help.


Hi chief,

what do you think about Nainggolan?
Now he is 180k, and should I sell him before he goes back into packs next week Tuesday?

Thanks for your help.

Ben Griffiths

Hey Pennyfox, from my experience I’d say keep him until Friday and then sell him, I can see him rising even more due to lack of supply and high demand.


Hi Chief, Great insights! Whats happening to Mahrez? he is getting lower and lower, when do we cut our losses? has lucas killed the investment?


Chief, i’ve been holding on the gold keita and I’m surprised why his price dropped today considering this sbc was released. Should i continue holding him?


Hey Chief,
I packed ones to watch keita, should i sell or keep him. Thanks for your advices.


Hi chief, sitting on 25 kompanys and 30 felannis and Phil Jones when when do you think the date is to cash in on the kompanys. Not done this before so hoping to make some serious profit?


Hey chief, I invested in 5 inform Lala’s. When should i sell them and what price do you think they will rise to?