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When should i sell my gold card investments? I bought a couple of neto, de marcos and sigurroson.


Hi Chief,

I invested in Mandzukic, Sigurdson and Finnbogason,
Can you please advise when to sell, to I sell everything today or wait until tomorrow ?
I want to start building my team, not interested to wait longer.


Thinking on buying Mandzukic goimg now for around 47500 cheapest BIN. Its expected to go down as more and more cards flood the market until next TOTW right?


When schould i sell my matip totw ?


How does the TOTW gold cards investment work? Do I look forward to potential next week TOTW players and sell them while the TOTW is out?

What about the IF’s?

keagan moore

Any golds from this team of the week you think would be a good buy and hold onto ??

Ben Griffiths

Hey chief, do the cards normally come down when they have a totw out, just so I understand, basically wanting to get neymar but can’t grab him yet


I already bought a bunch of costil ifs for 10.5k as per your advicr from the previous totw…so thanks for that chief! Keep up the good work.


Yeah i didnt mean him..i meant a similar investment like him…it was lala for zero risk from the previous totw


Think Pellegrini will be the head of Discard Value to aim for. Plays for Seria A and he’s Italian


Do you think pellegrino will go below 13k. I’m looking to invest in him.


Do you think if pellegrini is worth to invest? Strong link to manolas and florenzi


Which IF from this TOTW ist worth investing, like Kenny Lala was last week?

Lewis Williams

Hey Chief I bought neymar yesterday at around 560k do you think he will increase by more than 50k over the next week


if i buy neto mandzukic and suso normal gold cards will the price of them increase till next wednesday? or am i to late to buy the gold cards?

Lewis Williams

I have around 40 Vincent Kompanys bought between 5k and 8k and invested in a neymar card last night just before he went out of packs….
Do you think neymars gold card could be out of packs for two weeks bearing in mind he scored a champions league hat trick last night? Will that be a sharp price rise ?

Jelmer Clephas

I bought severel normal gold mandzukic’s last week for around 2700. At what price will they go do you think and when will they hit peak value/is it a good time to sell them.

Jelmer Clephas

How much do you think will normal gold mandzukic go for this week? I bought him cheap as an investment.

Ladislav Antozi

Hi. I packed mandzukic and stark. When should i sell it?