Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 3

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

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Hi Chief i notice your transfer profit just increase by another 1mil. May i know which players you have sold ?


I did the same except Liverpool players and made 500k yesterday

Fifa Rookie

What icons do you flip? Any chance you will have a guide on that?


What does flip mean?


Any alternative to shortfuts? Finding it impossible to snipe without it…


hey chief i’m interested in joining your patreons but can i do flipping using mobile phone companion app or playstation4 transfer market ? i do not have access to a pc at the moment.


4-3-3 (4) seems to be OP this year, definitely works for me.
2 teams
French/Bund: IF ben yedder, coman, dembele, goretzka, tolisso, rabiot, IF lala, rousillon, tah, champions league vogt, fahrmann
Brazil/la liga: Taison, teixeira, champions league gelson martins, paulinho, IF Talisca, champions league casemiro, nelson semedo, alex telles, marquinhos, gabriel paulista, alisson


Tested that formation too without any success. find that the wingers become super inefficient. I don’t think it’s that X formation is OP, just think different formations suit different people and playing styles 🙂


Is there a way to post screen shots ?!?


I’m using 4-5-1

Gk: navas
Lb: Gaya (I want Marcelo but too expensive)
Cbs: paulista & nacho
Rb: bellarin
Cdm: kondogvia
Cams: Rodrigo & rafinha
Lm: Promes
Rm: potm Lucas
St: IF Ben yedder


Im using a 41212 narrow and a false 9 formation and its unbelievable on how well my false 9 maintains possession and plays on the attack with a serie a/ligue 1 hybrid


What do you think of mine?


Hi chief,

I have 4 if traore i really just want out of my transfer list paid between 10,500 and 10,750 for them would u sell now for 12,250/12,500 or do u think it will increase in price?

Great work chief


I use 433 (4)
Attack: Coman – Depay – IF Traore
Midfield: Tolisso – Fekir – Ndombele
Defense: Mendy – Kimpembe – Silva – IF Meunier
GK: Buffon

Since i use this team i have not lost a single game, works fine for me


Im using 4-3-2-1.
Definitly works out for me in div 3.

Ter Stegen
Alex sandro, umtiti, kimpembe, meunier IF
Matuidi, Saul, Kondogbia CL Version,
Costa, Griezmann, Mbappe


I’m suprised Thauvin, he scores a lot goals and assists. (i gave nim hunter).



The prices are decreasing,
Last week Thursday evening the prices dropped huge…
Time to sell Eriksen/Firmino/Son… now? and rebuy it tonight or keep?



That’s a decent squad you have there chief.
I’m playing with a Scandinavian hybrid, perhaps not the strongest team, but I like to play with it.


CL Lindelöf – Kjaer – Christensen – Augustinsson

Wass – Delaney

IF Sigurdsson – Eriksen – Forsberg

IF Finnbogason


Hello Chief!
If I had some players (for.example porto/benfica) who made the MM, how much BNP should I make on the them on transfer list (just want to earn maximum profit)? I know I should take them on about 17:30 UK time.


sorry chief this may be a stupid question but can i ask what is flipping and how do you do it, BTW love what you do really grateful for all the trading tips

Shaolin Fantastic
3 leagues but its on 100 chem, only draxler lack 3 chem points, bernadeschi 2, manolas 2.

im finally confident with this squad. no need for any mayor improvement, but if u have recommandation please let me know. i got javi martinez with shadow on the bench for keeping a lead. usual Thiago gets tired in the 70 cause i play “pressure after loosing the ball” and he’s everywhere.


hey chief so the market completely crashed and i have a ton a ton of investment players my whole transfer list and club 120+ players. will the market rise or continue to drop because i could potentially lose a lot. fabregas for example you set a price of 5.5k hes now 4.3k and i had bought him when you said 5.5k i lost a lot yesterday alone


i lost 50k on fabregas yesterday alone listening to the advice i could have bought him minimal 500 coins cheaper per fabregas and i bought roughly 100 of them i understand i will see profit when you sell on hype but i could have made a lot more coins had i bought them today instead


I have experimented with an array of formations and have come to the conclusion that playing with wingers does not work very well for me. They are already in a forward position making long momentum-gathering runs is easier for the full backs. Not using wingers and having my full backs run deep overlaps has been extremely effective for me, I’d guess that about 20% of my goals come from a cross-in from the full back.

At the same time, not using wingers means that I can pack the center of the field more and make it difficult for the opposition to combine through the middle. Of course, using offensive full backs means that some gaps can open up behind them, so I’m making sure to use speedy ones and to not take too many chances with the ball while in possession.

My team is currently:
GK: Cech (IF)
LB: Mendy
CB: Laporte
CB: Stones
RB: Bellerín
CDM: Doucouré
CM: Jorginho (OTW)
CM: Serri
CAM: Alli
ST: Vardy
ST: Lacazette

With added chem styles on all of the players, most importantly to increase pace of backs.
So far this is working much better for me than any other formation I’ve tested.


hey chief,
I just packed ivan rakitic, but should i sell him or should i keep him.
because his performance last night was good?


Hi Chief,

I currently have 335 players sitting in my club + my investment pille containing 15 Kompany’s, 15 Cech, 4 Richarlisons and some UTD & Juve players on my transfer list.

The 335 players range from 20k to 200 gold; what would your advice be?

Offload 300 of them before the WL and reinvest or keep them for any future SBC’s?

Thank you for answering and keep up the great work!