TOTW 3 Investment: Lorenzo Pellegrini

Player: Lorenzo Pellegrini

Reasoning:ย The Italian midfielder will be a go to in Serie A squads for the remainder of the game. His stats are great, and his strong links with Florenzi and Manolas make him the target for hybrid squads as well.

Target BUY:ย Less than 12k

Target SELL:ย While many of my investments are chosen because of their SBC usability, Pellegrini is strictly because he is a quality player on the pitch. He will continue to increase with time. Therefore, sell when you are happy with the profit or when a better investment opportunity presents itself.



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Nice one Cheif. Got 2! At 10k! But can u help me? I have 170k stopped! Dont know what more to invest? Should i buy OTW Higuain and sell on the hype for the seria a game on sunday?


Thanks chief! one thing though is sniper on skill or luck because I am sure I can not get any quicker and i still struggle. YOUR THE BOSS


What do you think of costil? He is discard and bound to be needed for a sbc….


I dont mind…thanks for the reply and your input!


When should I buy him?


I bought some IF Maguire for 16k.
Do you think I should sell and invest in Pelligrini?


Time to sell Lala IF?


I know its not related to him, but just packed IF Mandzukic when should I sell him?

Great work you are doing here, its been a long time with out finding something like this!


Thanks mate!

Just wondering when do i have to sell D.Sanchez

I have five of him, and i don’t think the price will rise until this weekend league


De Marcos and Andrรฉ Silva are also good shouts, dont you think?


Packed navas… sell or keep?


Hi chief,

When should i sell pellegrini?

Thanks a lot

Man from 80's

Hi Chief

Would you recommend me to replace Milinkovic-Savic with IF Pellegrini?

Thanks for building this blog with exceptional insights. I can’t stop refreshing it for updates.


How much would you recommend paying for DeMarcos as an investment? <20k?

Alan Marriott

Hi chief. Do you think buying loads of 83 nacho Fernandez are good investment for 1.5k?


Nice one, chief!
When should i sell my team (1.3 mil) before Halloween crash?
Many thanks


Just packed Dybala. Thinking about selling him just under market and investing in a OTW this weekend to flip next week. Any suggestions? Or should I just pick up Mo Salah.