OTW SBC Investment: 82s and 83s

So far this year, EA has been bombarding us with daily SBCs. With new content coming every day, I feel it is more likely than not that we get some OTW SBCs this weekend.

Last year, we didn’t get any for the Summer OTW promotion. However, we did get some for the Winter OTW (check out the SBCs here).ย 

If we do get the SBCs, they would drop either today (Friday) at 6PM UK time or tomorrow (Saturday) at 6PM UK time.

A great look for these potential challenges are cheap 82s and 83s. Keep in mind that defenders (CBs, LBs, RBs) tend to rise the most, and invest in players from popular leagues and nations.



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If this is this case i’m presuming that OTW card prices will decrease? Should i sell my OTW investments before this SBC is out?


In SBC otw there should be a request of otw (like past year), so golovin, smolov and someone like them will increase their price. Is it a bad reasoning?


Hello Chief, I invested 30K on Glik, Savic and Felipe. Sounds good?


Will GKs rise as much as CBs and fullbacks?


How come? All the formations for SBCs require GKs right?

keagan moore

Invested in trippier alonso, laporte and Luiz. Sound good ??


Do u think with this investments is better to sellin hype or keep for the future


RIsky?? and should i be looking at big leagues??


Hi Chief,
I just packed a Miranda, Martial and Luis Gustavo.
Do i want to hold onto these players or sell and invest. If so which 82s and 83s, or otherwise, should i be looking to invest in.


chief .. the MM are protected with some kind of password

Mad Mike

I have just signed up as a patreon Chief, keep up the good work, I am more than happy to help a good cause and I would rather give you support than giving a multi billion dollar money for a virtual game. I am new to patreon can you perhaps give me a brief description on how it works


Hi Chief

Do you also think 84s are a good investment?


Hello Chief, I just wanted to ask when should I sell the 82 and 83 players that I bought in your opinion? Thanks



Not really related to this topic, but I’m not sure where else to write this. I felt it was much easier to snipe on the webapp as long as shortfuts was there. now that it has been disabled, any other alternatives?

Also, same doubt as Lewis. Does that mean OTW cards will drop?

Ben Mitchell

Who would you recommend? I was looking at Rugani before but I’m not sure.


Hey, i just packed sane OTW and Andre Silva IF

Should i wait till andre silva is out of packs to sell him? Cause im gonna sell sane OTW Tomorrow before his match

Joao A

Hi Chief, i bought 5 batshuay for 850 – 950. You think the price will rise??
I bought some 82~84 cheap Cb’s for around 1,4k ~ 2,5k.

Thx, you are helping me alot!


Popular leagues and nations! But which one do go up in price allot.


Hey chief when would be the best time to buy IF meunier, douglas costa and firmino?


Would you recommend selling the more expensive players on my squad a couple days before Halloween Scream and then buying them back after the crash?


Hi Chief,

Would Laporte be good to buy?


Laporte and Rugani? When should I sell

Joao A

Another question Chief, what is the date for sell this 82-83 CBs??


Sold IF Ben Yedder for 89k….good deal or a bit low? Packed him so any profit is profit.


Bought some TOTW Pellegrini and De Marcos

Adam Kell

Hi Chief. I have a few Golovins and sane OTW’s that i grabbed for 10-11k, worth selling pre otw sbc imminently? Or maybe wait and see if they go up more? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi Chief,

I am currently holding to Gold base cards from the OTW (Goretzka, Fred, Lemar etc). when do you think i should be selling these cards?


Made my investment for this potential SBC, invested 220k on LB’s, RB’s and CB’s.