TOTW 3 Investment: Niklas Stark

Player: Niklas Stark

Reasoning: The German CB covers a lot of bases. One of the biggest reasons I like him as an investment is because he is usable in game. He is over half the price of other top Bundesliga CBs like Boateng (80k+) and Hummels (40k+), but his stats are comparable considering he has 80 pace.

In addition to the fact that he is usable in-game, he is also usable for SBCs. As mentioned previously, there are rumors of Bundesliga POTM this year. For September, the front runners are Marco Reus and Ondrej Duda (check out contenders here). If Reus gets it, Stark is a good look because they share the German nationality. If Duda wins, he could also be required as he plays for Hertha Berlin. It’s a win-win.

Target BUY: Less than 15,000 coins.

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit. We do not know when the Bundesliga POTM will come, so it’s harder to give a recommendation of selling in the hype. Keep this article in mind when making your decisions.



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Hello chief, I know this is unrelated to the post but I was hoping you could help me. I just packed thiago Silva should I wait for icons sbc to come out or sell right now? Thank you

Diego Mesones

Hi Chief,
Vincent Kompany. Right now, sell or keep it?
Thank you


Hi Chief do u expect LaLa to increase in price or should I sell him soon.


Hi chief. Is there anyway we can predict who will be in the scream team as I haven’t found a way at all in recent years. Also, would you consider buying players from specific clubs that have Halloween badges like last year?


360k, what do i invest in? I have some Kompnays and PL information, and i Will buy more kompanys soon, should i buy 15 of this Stark IF for 150k?


Invest in IF Andre Silva? Possible price rise?


Hi chief, 100k for investment. Who to invest except for Stark?


I had about 1.2mil from trading, I recently bought 3 Goretzkas, 2 Nainggolans and 2 Cancelos ahead of their upcoming games.
1. Do you think those OTW are good investments?
2. What icon(s) would you recommend to invest in?

Great site and content btw.


I have 500k and I’m not sure where to invest. What do you recommend?


Chief, do you think IF finnbogason Is a good Discard invesment?

Anton Bjoern

Hey Chief! When would you recommend to sell Christensens and Ruganis? Have about 20 of each. Should i hold of Christensens till POTM?


I have 20k on who can I invest?


Hey Chief. Got some Ruganis and Christensens. When should i sell?


Hi Chief,

thanks for the nice tips. I started playing FIFA this year, so I’m still learning some things about trading. Playing on PC btw. So far I’ve gotten 2 Pellegrinis for 13k, a few Gliks (1.8-2k), Rami (1k), Savic (2.4k), Bartra (1.5k), Lenglet (1.5k), Rugani (1.3k), Laporte (3k) and Toprak (1.6k). Do you that this is a good portfolio or do you recommend some others? (Tah is quite expensive on PC (around 3,9k so I passed on him).



When is POTM coming out


Hi chief,
Quick question. Paco alcacer scored a hat trick earlier so i thought i would go and buy a couple of him due to maybe getting totw 4 but his price flew up in seconds from 600 coins to over 4.5k will he go back down before the totw announcment or is that it for his price now?

Thanks chief


Would it still be worth investing in him or has his price gone too high to make anything

Thanks chief


Hey Chief,

Very happy I found your site. I packed a Kante today going for around 285k on Xbox. I was thinking sell and invest in to Fabregas and Kompany? Would you agree?


Do you think the price of courtois will rise?


Is Icon flipping a good option to earn profit?


hi chief
Saw bernardo silva is 3500 coins and he being a rw, Manchester city, Portuguese, 84 rated, will his price increase?