POTM/TOTW Gold Investment – Ross Barkley

Player: Ross Barkley

Reasoning: With 1 goal and 1 assist in a Chelsea win, Barkley has a good chance at being in TOTW 4. This means that his gold card will go out of packs. Often times, this results in a rise in price (check out this article on investing in TOTW gold cards).

In addition to a potential rise due to lack of supply, he also has a good chance at being required for the Hazard POTM on Friday as he plays for the same club. This should make him go up in price as well.

Target BUY: Less than 3,000 coins

Target SELL: Friday, October 12th in the hype before the Hazard POTM release OR Tuesday, October 16th before he returns to packs. If he doesn’t make TOTW 4, then definitely sell in the hype on October 12th.



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Thomas clark

Sup chief
So basically I had some coins spare and built a team around my untradable perisic and potm lucas

The premiun cards i bought for the squad are
Koulibaly (base gold)
David silva

Will any of these have significant price drops in the next week or are they at a safe price (xbox one)
If you think any will drop then i will sell them and rebuy


Hello Chief, really like how helpful you are. I was wondering if there are any gold cards (1-5k budget) on your mind that are worth buying right now. Want to go for the cheaper stuff to not risk a lot of coins. I was also wondering if I should sell my seria a team anytime before Scream or has to be on a certain day for maximum profit.


These top 5s. When do you know when to sell them?


Okay one last question are you 100% sure prices are dropping for base gold cards during scream event?


Just donated to your Service.
Where can i get Access to the channels?

btw youre doing a great Job!

Tim Rosperry

The Chief will stack him rn :))


How do you do this?


Fair enough. Are there any other high risk high reward trading methods you are willing to share. BTW thanks for all the advice on this page I love reading each new post

keagan moore

Hey chief I sae paco alcacer got a hat trick. Surely he is also a bif chance of totw ?? Recommend maybe getting a few ?

Daniel Wilson

Zaha trading for 7k do you thing should sell or hold on do you thing his value will go up


Mbappé scored 4 goals today. His gold card a good investment for TOTW4? He is a meta gold player used in very much in weekend league.


Hi chief, i have got James rodriguez. Shall i sell now or hold on to it in hope of it going up in price?


On his player price graph he was 750 coins on September 28th, now he is 3k. Is that all because of POTM and TOTW hype?

John Doe

When should I sell all my good players ?


Would Alcacer be a good investment for totw, he got a hat-trick for Dortmund against Augsburg


Should ininvest in lacazette as he scored 2 goals today?


When should i sell my team? Its worth 500-600k


Chief I need your help. Just packed van djik he goes for 107k do I keep or sell??


Do you think that there will be icon SBCs this year?

Christopher Bailie

I packed OTW Filipe Anderson,Chief . Sell or keep?


Hey chief! Is it advisable to sell all my players now, and buy on October 18?

Heres my team:

Douglas Costa – Immobile – IF Suso

IF Talisca – Nakata (ICN) – Nainggolan

Dalbert – Marquinhos – Miranda – Hysaj


Almost worth 1M worth of a team :O


hi chief, i just pack Bale. Should i sell him now and buy him when the price is lower?

Peter - Denmark

How do you know which ICONS to trade for profit?
When do you know that the Price you are paying is lower, than what you Can sell him at?

riley lenzo

I’ve been getting barkleys for about 1,900 and the occassional 350 bid, how high will he go exactly? (ps4)

Samuel Ng

Hi just wanna ask if October scream affects TOTW card prices too? If so, should I sell all my TOTW cards away? Thanks! Currently holding on to IF Cech, IF xhaka, IF Maguire and packed IF Matip to sell for hazard POTM potentially. Also have IF Mandzukic. I’m thinking of selling off all my expensive players and reinvesting during the scream


Btw I’ve already subscribed to your patreon. What do i have to do now to get the notifications and messages? thanks.