Weekly FUT Calendar

Weekly FUT Calendar (times BST)

** only during Champions League weeks

This calendar will also be permanently available here.

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When will it be announced who the potm is and when will the sbc be available?


You mention to sell Kompany and other investments a couple hours before POTM, what day and time will POTM release? (UK time) Sorry first time POTM investor.


End time of WL seems to be wrong. I currently have 5 hours and 40 minutes left which would result in an end time of 8am not 3am. Thanks for the calendar though, really nice to have a general overview!


Chief, I have bought a load of fabregas’s for 4.3k and he has gone up to 6.5k atm should i sell now or wait…

Ben Griffiths

Hey Cheif, you missed out FUT champs rewards , happens Thursday 1800


Do you know when bundesliga POTM will come out?


Hey Chief

When will be a good time to sell IF Matip?.

Great work btw!!