Q & A Tuesday – Week 4

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Should I be selling my Hazard POTM investments on hype or wait for the release of the actual POTM? I currently have invested in multiple Kompany’s, Fabregas’ and Barkley’s .


Would you sell Thursday night chief, or push it to Friday morning? Would there be a huge difference with either day?


i picked up some inform cechs for <20k. when should i sell them?

luka romic

barkleys price isnt rising, sell or wait for hazard?


When they release The Ultimate Scream cards, do you think there will be SBCs too? If the answer is yes, is a good time to invest in cheap 82/83/84 ?


I have around 50k plus 30k in my team how should I grow my coins? I play on Origin market is not that active like on console. Sniping is dead. Thanks


Do you think that Alcacer would be a good investment seeing that he won that game for Dortmund and would you also advise picking up his otw???


Oh and I’m on Xbox

Tan Blatchman

Hey Chief,

I’ve packed some players from big clubs like Koke and Lucas Vasquez do you see them having any use in SBCs? Or should I sell before their prices drop?


Koke has steadily risen this week, I bought for 5k last week he’s over 8k now, is this anything to do with the gelson martin SBC or in anticipation of high rated players for the hazard potm?


hi chief, today and yesterday sniping filters have very little profit, any suggestion for making profit?


Hey Chief,

I’m thinking about buying in anticipation of a League SBC (Serie A, La Liga, etc). I’ve found teams with little or no depth in a position (such as LB) Should I try to stockpile them all and keep purchasing as people sell? There are not many on the market and it would not be hard to purchase them all. Any advice on how I should approach this method? I am a new trader and just starting out. Perhaps I should be focusing elsewhere?



I have over 300k what is smart to invest in as of right now seeing that kompany has peaked
And I sold all mine seeing that I was happy with the profit and wanted to start investing elsewhere



Hey Guys.

Got 800k now.. Is there a chance to make bigger Coin wins now?

Like with Icons?


Hey Chief,

Do you think its worth to buy a few of Manu Trigueros 83 rated and spanish and his price is below the 2k ??


How it works technically? I mean, they announce that Hazard have won the voting for POTM and there is a top hype for selling? Or it’s the very same moment when they announce Hazard as POTM and SBC is going alive too? Or should I just sell investments in the middle day, like 4 p.m.


1.How much do think Kruse’s price will go up to?

2. Is it a good idea to buy 100 of them around 800 coins each?


Do you think there’s any chance of a John Terry EOE card and if so any suggested investments?


I am looking to invest in IF Stark, IF Pellegrini and Christensen according to your reccomendation. What is the good price to get them tho? thnx

Jacques Rondael

That’s sad to read. I have purchased Christensen’s for 1800/1900 today. Should I hold till Fridaymorning or sell now for 2100?


good deal to buy sabitzer gold card for 800-900 before TOTW 4 comes up ? he will be out of packs so his price should rise


Any idea what the bundesliga POTM requirements might be?

Shahzeb Faheem

Kompany going for just 1.5k less than max bin. What do you say chief sell before WL rewards and DIV rivals as market will be flooded again before October 12th?


Just packed IF Reus and wondering what I should do.