Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 4

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

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Hello Chief I’ve got a prem team and Zaha as the ST is a pleasure!

I’ve stocked up on a Christensens at 1.4-1.7k as you’ve mentioned him a few times and is a top buy – when do you recommend selling him and what is he likely to sell for?

Thanks for your great content !


How much should i list him for?


What time will they announce the BPL POTM and when do you think I should sell IF Ben Yedder.


Aiming to buy this team after scream:
Might switch to 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-2-1(2) ingame. Do you think Kondogbia will switch nationality before winter break?


My “discount-squad”:
Sold my 1. team yesterday – and hoping most of them will drop in price during Scream.
Thanks for all the great content Chief!

Martin Amoncio

The Squad im rolling with now with a 4-3-2-1 formation is:

Overmars (86) – Kane – Willian

IF Talisca – Nakata (88) – Paulinho

Dalbert – Marquinhos – Miranda – Rafael

Im kinda hesitant on selling them on the weekend thou and wait till scream comes -.- Do you think IF Taliscas price will still go down?

Thanks Chief!

Nice team for Squad Battles. More difficult to defend in Division Rivals, so sometimes the score is 5-5 because of slight mistakes.

this is my current squad but i have a La Liga team i play with as well.

Norwegian guy

the bench is what i want to upgrade to, in addition to gattuso when his SBC arrives


Hey, i got Higuain while i was doing the SBC for LUCAS POTM, does this card (higuain) worths or should i sell it?

Norwegian guy

sell and invest elsewhere


ST: Lacazette (84) or Vardy (82)
LW: To be decided
RW: Lucas POTM (86)

CM: Silva (89)
CM: Alli (84)
CDM: Fernandinho (86)

LB: Robertson (81)
CB: Sanchez (84)
CB: Alderweireld (85)
RB: Bellerin (80)

GK: Cech IF (84)


Any investment team for the scream team period? The prices will go down so i thought to buy a high rated squad when the ST drops, and to sell later.


Also, unrelated, but Ribéry is currently down to just 6000 coins. Pretty good for an 85-rated?
Wondering if he’s a worthy investment considering upcoming Bundesliga POTM.


Assuming this is an investment to sell when bundesliga POTM comes out?


Pre game

In game I change to this

Really loving these front four.


Hey chief!
Ansolutely enjoying the content. One question:
Just packed Suarez. Do u recommend Selling him friday morning and buying him again on the 19th?


Hi chief, is fabregas still worth picking up for 5,000 for the potm?

Aidan Robinson

Hey chief.
Noticed Fabregas has dropped again in price a bit. Will he likely increase again tomorrow morning in hype or have I missed an oppurtunity?

Marky Mark

I find it hard to believe the price will rise when everyone is trying to cash in and flooding the market with them. Especially tomorrow morning.

Seems like he’s been too popular as an investment option?


This is my squad right now, thinking of doing some upgrades and switches soon.

Also chief are you going to be creating anymore patreon tiers? I would like to support but only the 20$ is available.


Hi Chief.

Just joined the ranks of your patreons. Need some guidance on the next steps, though…

Btw, I like your new “rationale” approach compared to last year. Teaching us how to fish and not just giving us the fish, so to say.


hey chief i have been following a couple of youtubers for transfer advice i have manged to make a decent amount of coins plus i had good pack luck i packed a few good players which worth good coins. i have a laliga team consisting of suarez, modric , kroos, casimero, ramos, varane , alba, marcos ( if ) , isco. apart from these i have mbappe normal card and higuain otw card. what do u suggest i should do basically the youtubers have made like millions of coins which i havent since i am new to fifa i dont really know much about the events thats happens. i just found out about you and i need your advice. thanks


Can you tell what youtubers made you gain goins?

shaolin fantastic

hows lewy? i think of buying him

Jurre Foekens

He is sick for me


when does the potm sbc get released tomorrow?


Got a lot of Fabregas (4k), Pedro (1.2k) and Christensen (1.2k), so cheap now.

Was that because of the division rivales rewards?

and was a good deal right?