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So many IF required.. when do you think is the best time to sell? We’re gonna be rich!!


Hi chief !
Who do you think will be POTM ? As fan vote i guess it will be Reus, but Hazard and Duda could aswell got it (especially Duda with thoses 5 goals).
Can we still invest for it or its already too late ? And if so, will you make an invest guide for it ?


Thanks a lot chief


Is this official ? Where did you get this ?




Ok, so how long do you think to sell investments chief? Maybe 7-8pm tonight?


I bought a hazard as his price is crashing. Do you think he‘ll rise again due to the fact that he is a good player or will he plummet during the next week?


Barkley is 2,5k now. Sell with small loss now or wait with hope his price will rise?


Chief im thinking of buying Son and firmino for my team. Do you think i should by today if a promo releases or should i wait until the scream cards release.


Shit, shouldn’t have sold my Fabregases last night.


Should we sell now or wait a few hours?

João Vieira

When is the best moment to sell Kompany, Fabregas, Barkley, Christensen, … ???


Christensen probably won’t go up. There are better options at CB for Chelsea/BPL. He is an 82. His price has been staying around 1.4K-2.2K… My thoughts is if he has not gone up yet (like the rest of the Chelsea players), then he won’t at all. Your call though. Best of luck trading. When I saw Jorgihno and Kovacic drop to 5K, I bought 100 of each and already made quadruple my profit. They both go for around 18K on Xbox now.

shaolin fantastic

how will prices of the needed players develop over the next week? will they continously rise, stay on the level they have already archieved now or start to fall again pretty soon?

Chicken nowmate

Barkley price has severely dropped
Should I take my small loss or wait it out ?


I don’t understand why Kepa and Christensen are not rising that much at the moment. I am especially wondering for Kepa. I mean he is the only highest rated goalkeeper from Chelsea, and that while Chelsea players are required. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Alright. Thank you for your answer! By the way do you think Toprak is a good investment for a potentional Reus SBC?


Alright. Oh, and are you still using that FUT Chrome Extension for the webapp?

Aidan Robinson

Hey Chief. If I wanted to do Hazard would it be best to buy the remaining necessary players next friday with the halloween promos?

Ben Griffiths

Hey futchief, I purchased eden hazard gold and realised he isn’t needed for the sbc, would hazards price still go back up after the hype of potm ?


I have always kept Bundesliga Players when I got them in packs for example. Will they come in handy for Bundesliga POTM or probably only selected Bundesliga players


Chief do you think Barkley will rise and how much?


Chief, just packed neymar. Should I sell now and invest elsewhere or hold onto him?

shaolin fantastic

chief why arent IF Cech´s going up since IF Premier league cards are highly required for the SBC. Do you think the requirements in general are just high, that few people are doing the SBC?


Have 8 If Cech,Matip and Suso should I wait a few more days to sell? as the price may increase more since there are less cards?


Hi chief,
When should i sell my kompany, christensen, fabregas, morata, bernardo silva, koscielny,…?
The profit is not very high right now so do i need to wait?