Marquee Matchups Predictions for Week 5

Two fixtures courtesy of the Premier League and Serie A for next week!

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Chelsea v. Manchester United

As many of you know, I like investments that cover a lot of bases (such as Fred from earlier this year). Manchester United has a chance at being chosen not only for this fixture, but also for their fixture on October 23rd against Juventus (as I mentioned in this article).

Cheapest Manchester United Golds on Xbox.

Cheapest Manchester United Golds on PS4.

Cheapest Manchester United Golds on PC.

Target BUY:ย For as close to discard as possible.

Target SELL:ย If they make the Marquee Matchups on October 18th, sell shortly after. If not, hold until Tuesday, October 23rd and sell either in the hype or after the announcement for the UEFA Marquee Matchups.

Inter v. Milan

The “Derby della Madonnina” continues as Inter (16 points, 3rd in table) looks to widen their gap against Milan (12 points, 10th in table). Plenty of good options for investment from either side. If you can, target players who also have a Italian nationality as that is sometimes also a requirement.

Cheapest Inter golds on Xbox.

Cheapest Inter golds on PS4.

Cheapest Inter golds on PC.

Cheapest Milan golds on Xbox.

Cheapest Milan golds on PS4.

Cheapest Milan golds on PC.

Target BUY: 500 coins or less

Target SELL:ย Thursday, July 18th after the announcement or when they reach 1,000 coins (whichever comes first)



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keagan moore

Who you buying chief. Too be honest i trust your judgement better than mine you haven’t been wrong so far


A bit unrelated, but I got a few otw cards for cheap. 2 Cancelo, 2 Nainggolan and 3 Goretzka (because these 3 looked promising and had a lot of upcoming matches at the time). The only one that is guaranteed profit so far is Cancelo (I’d make 80k off them both).

Would u hold on to them for now? Or would you sell an invest elsewhere? If I sold right now I’d more or less break even after tax anf get back 1.3mil


Which Man U player is best to invest in right now? The cheapest ones are around 700 coins.


are you only picking up gold cards? last time with uefa mm i was able to sell bronze and silver as well for big profit.