TOTW 4 Investment: Howedes

Player: Benedikt Höwedes

Reasoning: Let’s face it – no one will use this card in game. He has 55 pace and plays in the Russian League. His value, however, comes because of his SBC usability. There are a few reasons why he in particular is such a good look.

First of all, he is the cheapest 84 rated inform on the market. Many people will look to incorporate him in their squad challenges.

In addition, his German nationality makes him easy to link. There are multiple high rated Germans who are the cheapest for their respective ratings, including Khedira, Özil, Müller, Hummels, and Ter Stegen.

Lastly, defenders tend to rise more than other positions when it comes to SBCs, particularly full backs.

Target BUY: Less than 13k

Target SELL: He will continue to rise with time as he gets submitted in SBCs. Sell when you are happy with the profit or see a better trading/investing opportunity.



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I want to be a monthly subscriber to your Patreon but how can I trust you


How is the IF Ospina? He is one of the cheapest TOTW and his league is Serie A.


Hi chief around how long do I have to wait to sell him


What hour to sell the BPL investments today?


When should we sell kompany and otters today?


Chief, it’s hardly possible to get him for less than 13k :/ Is he already inflated, or his price will drop a little bit soon?


Currently I have 15 special cards on my transferlist and a few high rated players.
I have a budget of 500k.
What is the best investment now? Or wait until the scream event?
Best regards Gekas29

João Vieira

When we should sell Christensen and Fabregas today?



Tbh, it does not looks like the biggest profits on Cesc Fabregas, Barkley, IF Matip, IF Chech, Christensen? I would have expected a higher rise in price for them, especially now in the hype. I am afraid also that so many peeps will try to sell within the next couple of hours before POTM release.


Dear chief,

The prices in the market are extremly high now, i sold my team. You think it will go down after weekend league or on 19th october


Hey Chief,

When should i sell my Barkley’s ?


I got 70k coins. You think its worth to invest in him. Or should i invest elswhere?


Doesnt seem feasible to get him at under 13k. Can’t even find Howedes for 14K and his UCL card makes him hard to snipe.


Set “Min Buy Now” price at 10.250 and max at 12k – 13k and you will snipe him eventually.
I got 3 of them, 2 for 11k and 1 for 10.5k
I sniped them even before Chief posts this investment here.

Bart pastoors

is christensen still worth picking up for 1.3/1.4k


Hi mate, I am on PS4.. after rewards i noticed the market going up so I sold my team to take the profit.

When’s the best time to buy ANY team? as i need to compete in FutChamps lol

I have 1,300,000.


Do you like anyone else from this TOTW?


Hey Chief, Ever thought about making a mobile app. Would be a great idea for future. Thanks for all help trading.


Th subscription cost should be region specific Chief?


I jumped early and sold my first team for large profit to beat the market crash. I was conscious the crash might creep up earlier as more people anticipate it prior to Ultimate Scream. I’ve held onto OTW and IF BPL cards as a skeleton team. Sitting on 800k, where is best to invest or do I hold out until crash and rebuild my 1st team?

Your trading tips has rocketed my balance by the way! Good work!


I’m curious about IF Cancelo. Will he rise or his card is near his max? Whats your call?
Thanks in advance.