Explained: Chief’s October 15th ‘Top Buys’

Player: Inform Benedikt Höwedes

Reasoning: Let’s face it – no one will use this card in game. He has 55 pace and plays in the Russian League. His value, however, comes because of his SBC usability. There are a few reasons why he in particular is such a good look.

First of all, he is the cheapest 84 rated inform on the market. Many people will look to incorporate him in their squad challenges.

In addition, his German nationality makes him easy to link. There are multiple high rated Germans who are the cheapest for their respective ratings, including Khedira, Özil, Müller, Hummels, and Ter Stegen.

Lastly, defenders tend to rise more than other positions when it comes to SBCs, particularly full backs.

With Reus having a great shot to win the upcoming Bundesliga POTM, these SBCs have a good chance at hitting. The fact that they share a nationality (German) makes it even better.

Player: Lukas Hradecky

Reasoning: High rated players you can get for cheap are always safe bets. We saw that with the likes of Iniesta, Busquets, and others this past weekend.

As Hradecky is the cheapest 84 rated player in the Bundesliga, he has a good shot at rising with the impending Bundesliga POTM SBCs as well.

Player: Rune Jarstein

Reasoning: Some of my favorite investments are players you can get for near discard values. This is because it lowers your risk.

As Jarstein quick sells for 656 coins, getting him for around 750 coins will minimize your potential for loss.

In addition, he has a decent rating of 82 and plays for Hertha Berlin, just like fellow Bundesliga POTM contender Duda. He has a good chance at being required for the POTM SBCs as well.

Player: Inform Vedad Ibisevic

Reasoning: The rationale for Ibisevic is similar to that of Jarstein above; he is near discard in value, has a decent rating, and also plays for Hertha Berlin. Another good investment for a potential Duda Bundesliga POTM.

Player: Inform Ron-Robert Zieler

Reasoning: When it comes to investing for POTM cards, you have two options: targeting players from the club of the contenders, or targeting players that share a nationality with the contenders. Zieler shares a German heritage with that of Marco Reus. His high rating of 82 makes it even better.

Player: Ömer Toprak

Reasoning: As mentioned above, you investing in the club of the contender is one of your options when gearing up for a POTM. Toprak plays for Dortmund just like Reus.

In addition, his CB position tends to rise more when it comes to SBCs, and his high rating of 82 makes him more likely to be required.



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whats a good price for Hradecky chief?


I bought so many hofmann. Do you think his price will get high too ?


When does Bundesliga POTM come out?


I think friday


I bought some howedes for 17k on pc servers, because i couldnt find it cheaper… will I make profit?
And is it good if i buy toprak for 1.3k on pc server?


Alright, thank you!

dan hickman

good price for if zieler and höwedes?


Sell Pique now oder wait till Scream Cards?


Ibisevic prices are fluctuating at around 13.500. Still worth it?

Pawel Khanoukovitch

Hey Chief, when do you recommend to sell all of this investments. Will there be some like a Hype before the release or shoul we just hope, that they will need for the sbc?

BTW you doing a great job


Do you advice to invest in totw players? Like Arnautovic and Gueye. Players thar people will actually use. Maybe also depay and Rodriguez


Hi chief, i have 20 barkleys on my transferlist which i bought for 3k, now his price is below 1k, will he get higher or shall i just sell them and accept the loss for this time?


should i build my dream team now or wait till friday? it costs 500k so i dont wanna loose money, thanks chief


Thanks for the advice on these, Chief. Been investing heavily in these players since last week so hoping for a nice profit come Friday.

Been thinking about investments for TOTW 5 and have been looking at the likes of Mitrovic, Vela, and Mahrez. Any insight?


Is IF finnabogson also a good investment?

Gennaro Gragnano

Hi Chief what could be a good price for Toprak. Now on ps4 is 1400

Raul Va hoffmann

Sell my Kante Now or Wait?


Hey Chief – Love the blog, killing it so far!

Made the following pickups, assuming these are in the clear:
18 Howedes for around 16K
14 Hradecky for around 22K
10 Jarsetein for around 750
8 Toprak for around 1200

Just curious if this Twitter announcement is the real thing and / or if we should start selling some of our Bundesliga POTM investments?

Is Achraf Hakimi the official Bundesliga POTM??



Sorry, just saw Bundesliga Rookie of the Month –

Will our Bundesliga POTM investments take a hit during the Scream Pack Promos or is Bundes POTM supposed to drop before Scream Promos?


No he is the rookie of the month.

Jamie Shore

That looks like young player or rookie of the month?


What is your expected rise in the price of Jarstein, for ex? (What target price do you expect to sell?)


Hey Chief, should I invest on Toprak roght now? Or wait until rivals rewards and invest? Because last week i bought before de rewards and during the rewarda I could get for a lot cheaper


hello chief, i was wondering when would the bundes potm going to drop if it will, are we talking a week or two or more?


Should I sell the Bundesliga potm investments in hype? Or after announcement.