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How much would you wait to sell em IFs?


When r these dropping?


Chief! Just packed Boateng from one of the packs in the SBC… wait until Friday to sell for Bundesliga POTM & people Building WL teams or sell now? Also, I have quite a few IF when is the proper time to sell with this SBC requiring IF’s. Thanks!


You think discard informs will go up any higher then they are rn for the SBC?


Is it one of those 5 or are those just a pic.


chief i have bought about 14 falcao and 15 ibrahimovic for 6.4k-6.5k, will they go up in price ? and when will be the right time to sell them off for maximum profit ?


Greetings Chief!

I have my list full of IF Howedes, Jarstein and some IF Zieler and Hradecky, bought for the values you suggested. But I have a problem now, my transfer list is full and I can’t invest in anything.
Should I keep them all till friday? Most of them are Jarstein.

It’s my first time trying to trade… If this goes well I’ll go for the Icon patreon πŸ™‚


Hi Chief!
If Duda is going to be POTM. Is there any chance he is needed in a SBC? Got 17 of him rn now, all bought for 500 coins. When should i sell him?


Hi chief, how does this SBC effect your top 5 investments ATM. Have the prices of the if players you recommended become too high to invest in now?


Would you say the price you advised to buy at is still readable or aim a couple of k higher now

keagan moore

Hi chief does this icon SBC maybe open up some opportunities to invest in cheap icons ?? If so any ones in particular ?


I was looking at icons this morning, cheapest was 250k. After the SBC dropped it was over 400k. Devestated I never had the balls to invest! Lol

Thomas Donnelly

do you think sule is a good buy for the potm


Hello chief!
What do you think of dzeko as investment? He is high rated and Will probobly get inform on wednsday. And how much do you think he is worth?

Cheers and thanks for the good job!


Would you consider either investing or quick trading rare bronze players? Or neither?

Slayden Das Neves

I JUST PACKED CHIELLINI ON PS4 SHOULD I SELL HIM OR WILL HIS PRICE RISE ?? thx in advance u do a great job in helping everyone