Q & A Tuesday – Week 5

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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Thomas Donnelly

if you could buy anyone for maximum profit for the bundesliga potm, who would it e


Sterling a beaucoup augmenter pensez vous que si il est dans l’equipe de la semaine son prix redescendra apres ?

Dan Hickman

what time you think the bundesliga POTM will drop on friday


Approximately how long do you anticipate the prices of relevant players to spike AFTER Bundes POTM is announced? Saw prices started taking hits / spikes almost immediately after the Hazard SBC announcement, although this particular SBC was huge.

Do you suppose EA / Bundesliga will go big for their first POTM and defer to Reus over Duda?
It seems that majority of Fifa 19 community chose Reus yet this only accounts for 40% of the vote weight. Surely some Bundesliga Captains and Legends will choose Duda?

For example how long will Toprak’s price take to peak if Reus is the POTM?
For example how long will Jarstein’s price take to peak if Duda is POTM?

Should we assume that it is best to sell SBC required cards as close to the announcement as possible, within an hour?

In general, how is the timing of required players affected by SBC announcements?


I invested heavily in Jarstein…Is there anyway to hedge this against Resu possibly getting POTM? Thanks


Hey Chief,

Barkleys price dropped to 850. Do you think his price will rise over 3k? And what your thoughts about Depay, Gueye and Vela being maybe in the TOTW 5?


Pat Werle

bought IF Lucas Hernandez for 105k, hes now going for 150k. Should i sell now or is he going to keep going up?


I bought the following early on and sold them for profit

Courtois – 80k
Ramos – 240k
Varane – 180k
Marcelo – 140k

Their prices have increased a fair bit, with Ramos currently around 305k.

Do you believe these players will go back to these prices after the crash or do you think they will be lower/higher?

Bob Dylan

So I’m thinking of investing in a new team which is going to cost me well over 100k. I have two questions, what’s the best way to earn money on fifa?
And. When do you think the first fifa 19 market crash will occur?

Luke Kelvie

sell before scream


Hey boss,
I have ben yedder Inform bought for 96k , he his 125k on ps4, but i wanted to hold him to the team ( if he continues to rise) i will hopefully build on friday. Do you think he is continue to rise or should i sell him?


my biggest cards right now are mertens (bought for 70k) and immobile (bought for 47k), when should i sell them and rebuy them so i don’t lose a ton of money ?


how much do you think would be a fair price to buy them back for?


Would you say IF Paco Alcacer is a decent investment for 13k considering out of the 4 IF strikers from the Bundesliga he is the cheapest and yet second highest rated… Also would be good for SBC POTM if Reus makes it???


Chief i have 6 golovin otw, for 12k should i sell or do you think he will get a totw?


When should i buy a new team of ligue 1?
Includes cavani fekir kimpembe and others


Hey chief, been looking to purchase IF hulk and IF lacazette for investments, they’re 235k and 250k respectively at the moment. Unsure when to pull the trigger. Any thoughts?


Hi Chief!
The OTW are higher then even now, do you think they will go back to almost discard again and when?


Oblak, Tiago Silva and IF Sabitzer

Should I sell or keep?

Joseph Carney

do you expect TOTW cards from earlier weeks crash as well as other week’s on friday for scream?


Is it too late to sell my team and buy it back on Friday?


Hi Chief, with regards to market crash. I am thinking of selling my team off and buying back on Friday. Though some of my NIF golds I picked up for really cheap. Buffon – 30k now 50k, chiellini -45k now 70k+. Do you think they will drop significantly that it’s worth it. Would you advise selling all NIF cards and holding on to OTW and IF? Thanks again for the great work!


What do you think about IF Lacazette? His price has dropped since totw dropped but do you think he would be a good investment? Would you expect his price to rise after he is out of packs?


It may be tough to say, but your guideline on picking up Hradecky is for under 2.5k and better under 2k. Would you expect his price to raise above 3k in that case? I feel like everyone is collecting him and his price will go down when everone puts him up at the same time?