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Any good filters to snipe for these matchups?


Does that mean Man U Juve is less likely to be a uefa MM? And should I sell my united players now or after UEFA or in the hype before UEFA


Navas (madrid GK), keep or sell?


Who is the best choice to invest from totw5? Is selnaes and bensebaini (for near discard 10-10,25k price) a good look ?


Well… I already invested, but wont get a big lose as I bought for discard price. Still have 100k left to invest, what would you recommend?


What about Manu – Juve in the Champions league? Do you think they will ad it too or should we forget about it? Thanks!


Not 100% sure on that chief not meaming to sound funny as your work is amazing and you know your stuff but the last uefa mm had liverpool-napoli and also the normal mm had a few days before had liverpool- chelsea so i would say theres a little possibility


Oh just a quick one chief
Ive been holding these bundesliga players for over a week now but it dont look like they are โ€˜hypeโ€™ rising are they gonna go up before the announcement at all or are people just waiting the the sbc to drop?

Cheers chief


Hey chief so is the POTM guaranteed to come out tomorrow?


Why did Szczesny drop in price?


IF Virgil at 300k has to be good for an investment? hes scarce at the moment, might change with a promo tomorrow but its a good buy right? 290/300?


Haven’t been able to play for last week or so. I do not own a team right now, and wont be able to play before around tuesday. Should i buy me a team tomorow, if scream promo packs drop?
Or do you think that the prices will drop more towards the end of the weekend.

Thanks for the help you have provided so far.


Hi chief,

When is the moment to sell szczesny?


Hey Chief, do you reckon you should invest in potential UEFA MM players like Dortmund vs Atletico or Inter vs Barca or PSG vs Napoli?


Got if Mbappe in a snipe last week. Should i sell him now?


Any idea why usable gold cards like de gea, mertens etc are rising now? I was expecting them to plummet because of the fact that the scream event is behind the corner and I sold my team… ๐Ÿ™


Usable cards always goin up in friday, because players upgrade their teams for weekend leage. I am always sell my team in friday scince fifa 17


why will a lot of packs be opened? is it just normal that a lot of packs are bought?

whats the quickest way to get my transfer limit up so i can sell more players?

thanks chief


Hey Chief,
Do you still think that Bundesliga POTM is coming out tomorrow? If yes should i still sell all my investments now?


What should i do with my manchester united and juventus players now? Sell now or keep till next week?


when should i sell my man utd players which i have invested in?