Thursday’s Squad Thread – Week 5

While this site is dedicated to trading and making coins, the whole point of doing so is to build squads we enjoy playing with. I’m curious, who are you guys using? What formations are you running? Any recent breakthroughs with your gameplay? Link your teams in the comments below.

Chief’s Current Squad

No team. Too many packs about to be opened Thursday and Friday.

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Team in game

Improvements for 200k? (Other than GK)


Hey Chief, interested in patreons. Can i get some information. Thanks.


Hello Chief!

I did the same thing as you and went ahead to sell my team on Tuesday, currently have no team.

Price are already going down fast for the players I sold, I know which team I’ll get but don’t know which will be the optimum time to get them could you please suggest a time frame?

And I’d have some coins left after picking up my team, could you suggest some good pick ups to flip for profit later on.

Thank you.


If szczesny is 2.8k now should I sell the ones I bought for 2.2k or or should I wait until they rise more


Chief, yesterday I bought some Szczesny on 3.5k and now he goes for 3k, should I panic sell or keep until he rise again?




Hey Cheif I have an OTW Higuin and I bought him for 150 but he’s going for 195 right now, do you think I should sell and will the price go back down?

Salehin Rahat

Hi chief, You wrote Szczesny as a top buy
but dont you think its Perin whose price will go up?
as Szczesny gold card is out of packs
84 perin will be useful for upcoming sbc s


Hey Chief,

Baillys price sinking. Do you think it will rise?


Hey Chief. I bought van Dijk for 163k, he’s 145k now. Will he rise again or should I cut my losses?


Hey Chief, is it better to invest in 82, 83, 84 rated players now while the market has just crashed or will prices drop further due to Scream players?


Hey Chief, sorry if I missed this, but what’s the logic behind Szczesny as a top buy?


When do you think the potm bundesliga come out? This friday or next?


Hello Chief ,
I have 60k , what should i do to get more coins? what players should I buy?


Fred has gone down to 18k do you think it’s worth buying a couple and his cards possible going back up next week or so?


I packed IF arnautovic. Will he go up next week? I’m not looking to invest elsewhere but want to make max money on him.


Chief,when is the best time to buyback my team.i sold it 3 days ago


Do you think investing heavily in szczesny is a good idea


Hi Chief!
What do you think about Jarstein? Got around 60 of them, will he rise till friday? He is 750 right now.

Vince Polo

Is it better to sell off my Bundasliga investments now?

I have 10x IF Stark, 10x IF Zieler, 6x IF Ibisevic, 8x Hradecky, 6x Toprak & 32x Jarstein

Thanks as always!


Will IF Howedes drop during scream? If yes, when to sell?


Have around 300k to invest. Picked up a load of jarsteins and IF howedes (made 50k flipping them early). Was wondering where I could net my self some big profits. Would it be putting my coins into IF’s?