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Jurre Foekens

Will Jarstein go up?



when are we going to sell our höwedes, topraks, etc..?


what about hradecky?? still not rising…

Joel Rodrigues

I have some Howedes, zieler IF
Hradecky, baumann and jarstein…
When is the best time to sell them?



hello, chief i bought all the bundesliga potm investments you recommended <3, i want to wait before selling them now because i think they have potential to rise more, but am worried that they will drop in price when the screams come out at 6pm, in your opinion when should i sell, again thank you for the tips <3.


are the comments bugged?


Hey chief, what do you think of investing in IF Paco Alacer below 16k?
– full chem with Marco Reus in POTM
– Inform 1/2


Is Jarstein’s price suppose to grow or we should sell him now with no profit?
I have 600k to invest, where would u put those money in?
Thanks man, keep the good work 🙂

Fabian Digruber

when should we sell our forsberg? bought some for 1k. thanks in advance


Yo chief,
I suck at trading so my dumbass bought like 50 Szczęsny’s for 3k each give or take cuz he was on the October 17th top buy section. He’s at 2.9k right now… what exactly am I supposed to do? I mean is he gonna go up? Or maybe even go down?…

Thanks in advance.


hey chief do you expect the price of the reus sbc to go down in the next two weeks


When do you see the market getting to its lowest point in scream? Basically when should i buy my team



When do you expect the market to go down to buy our teams back? I sold most of my team in anticipation for the crash and as of right now, prices seem to be increasing for 85+ players.

Hoping this weekend, we see a dive in the market. Thanks again for your advice, loving this website.


Hello Chief,

I am still waiting to buy my team today. Will prices go down more or is this the time to buy?


Try to snipe your team back right now. With all the packs being opened, I’m cleaning up.


BUY REUS? Hr dropped 30%


When to sell zieler inform?


Hi chief,

I got 70 manu players in my club for tuesday champions marquee? You think they will come?

Thanks for answering


Hey chief, you think icons will go up or have they sattled? Bergkamp 90 specifically (psn)


Whats up Chief? What do you think will happen with the prices of Scream players in general? Do you think that they will rise after they’re out of packs? I got Pepe and he went from 78k to 40k really quick after the event started.


Hi chief
I need to make 100k from 300k over the weekend. What is the best way to do that??


What is the reason for investing in felipe or glik? When you think will they rise? Thanks in advance for explanation.


When does scream sbc drop? I mean, shall I look for hype, or sell just after sbc drop?