Scream Investment: Emil Forsberg

Player: Emil Forsberg

Reasoning: EA has leaked their Halloween Scream squad, and it includes the Swedish CAM. This means his gold card will go out of packs whilst the Scream cards are in packs. In FIFA 18, this boded well for all of the Scream gold cards.

PlayerOctober 20th PriceOctober 28th Price% Change (+/-)
Kevin-Prince Boateng7752,260+191.6%
Sven Bender9382,709+188.8%
Lars Bender8702,333+168.2%
Jelle Van Damme8131,859+129.7%
Charly Musanda8001,650+106.2%
Justin Kluivert2,1004,175+98.8%
Mateo Kovacic1,2602,500+98.4%
Mamadou Sakho8751,606+83.5%
Daniel Sturridge9581,644+71.6%
Sami Khedira5,6959,552+67.7%
Memphis Depay1,1101,754+58.0%
Ivan Perišic3,3505,216+55.7%
Christian Pulisic7881,191+51.1%
Juan Cuadrado6,5249,523+46.0%
Vincent Kompany17,50923,700+35.4%
Franck Ribéry21,70727,298+25.8%
Fraser Forster700850+21.4%
Mesut Özil43,17251,239+18.7%
Karim Benzema38,20045,239+18.4%
Yannick Carrasco14,51417,066+17.6%
Peter Crouch2,8003,118+11.4%

There are additional reasons Forsberg has a good chance at rising as well. His high rating of 82 is useful for SBCs. With the Bundesliga POTM likely dropping later today and guaranteed Scream SBCs coming sometime this weekend, a price increase could be in order due to those requirements.

Target BUY: 1,000 coins or less

Target SELL: When you are happy with the profit and/or before he returns to packs.






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Angel Prado

Thanks Chief, love you. Just started trading/investing this Fifa and you’ve helped a lot! Much love from NC, USA.


when should i sell my Bundesliga investment, Kagawa , sommer, bauman …etc


When do you reckon it is best to sell IF Howedes as his price is consistently rising? Also any point in holding onto IF ibisevic since he is not needed for SBC and I forgot to sell him during hype..


Hi chief when will forsberg return to packs? Thanks in advance


hey chief, i was wondering when i should sell my jarsteins and my howedes investments



Hi Chief, Jarstein is at minimum price, i have to sell it anyway?


How fast do you think he will rise as soon as the scream event starts?


Hi chief ,

I have done a lot of invistissement, I buy Mesut ozil, company, Barta, lars Bendar,when you think that I would sell this players
also i buy scnezeny following your advise when i have to sell it


Ok Chief I bought 20 of them for 1k or less in how many hours do you expect his price to rise and also how much do you think he would rise just a rough estimate.


Hello Chief

Many Thanks for your insight and really good information/help, when would the best time to sell forsberg as i did see he did go down instead of up


I packed scream dost should I sell now or will his price go up .


Hi chief, i just packed scream card Bas Dost and I’m wondering should I sell him now or will his price rise .


Not seeing any gain on forsberg when do you expect him to go up?


lmao Im dead chief


Bought 35 of them. Any ideas when to sell?


Bought 15 Bartras and 10 Boatengs, your site says if I sell them they will return for a profit of 200% on the 28th, should I sell them on the morning of that date?

Jonathan Mindegaard

Hi Chief

Why do you think that Kamil Glik, Felipe and Savic are good investments?


Jonathan Mindegaard

Hi Chief

Why do you think that Kamil Glik, Felipe and Savic are good investments?



The scream SBC will likely have a high ratings requirement. Causing these high rated cards which have dropped to nearly discard to rise a solid amount. Like chief always says, the defenders typically rise more than the attackers.


What do you feel about investing Mandzukic now under the scream period if you get him for 2.5k or under?


Hey chief, when should i sell my jarsteins, topraks, gotzes and baileys?



When will the market crash I was looking to buy Gabriel Jesus and Harry Kane


Chief! Thanks so much I have made a lot of coins with your advice, I already sold my Howedes, I bought them at 17k and sold them at 23.5k, I was happy with the profit so I sold them I had 15, now I am buying the ones in your top buys list , greetings from Ecuador


Nice to know! If you come to Guayaquil, let me know I can show you around, you have my email, regards


So I’m guessing, Forsberg won’t rise then?


Chief said he will give him time


Why not?! :)