TOTW 5 Investment: Carlos Vela

Player:ย Carlos Vela

Reasoning:ย The CAM from the MLS is the cheapest 84 rated inform. As he is submitted into future SBCs, his supply will decrease, thus driving up his price.

In addition, he isn’t bad of a card. An attacker with 80+ pace, shooting, passing, and dribbling is highly desirable.

Target BUY:ย 15k or less.

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better trading/investing opportunity.



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Cant get him for less than 16,500 shall i leave it or grab him at that price?

Cheers chief



Cheers chief


When should i sell if paco?


Jovic, Frankfurt, scored 5 yesterday and will get an IF at least. His price went up instantly.

However, Haller also scored two and assisted twice in that game. Should give him chances for an IF too, or is it rare with two of the same club? I’m thinking about investing in Haller as he is at discard level. Please let meal know if this is a bad idea.


Hey chief,
The market has actually been rising for the last few days, is there a crash in sight? Especially that the Scream Team is kinda stupid and I don’t think many people would buy packs for that…
Also, I’ve bought many 82 rated cards for discard price (700), any chance they’re going to rise this weekend?
Thanks in advance.

Del piero

When I asked about good looks from totw 5, you told me that there is nobody interesting to invest in… and now you post about inform vela (when his price is already inflated – impossible to get for less than 15k). Why?


what about zieler ibisevic which did not rise at all?
where is the crash?no sign of it!
i started thinking u are just telling people random things!

Del piero

No, he is not. He helped make me lots of coins. The only weird example, that I dont understand is the situation with vela inform.


He posted about Howedes, I made about 100k profit of him with only 9 to 15 of him.
( I bought Howedes before chief posted about him cause it was a clear profit, I mean, 84 rated German AND LB.)

Del piero

I see. Now it is all clear to me, thanks.


It’s investing, which is a risk. You can’t get it 100% right everytime. The market will rise and fall and you have to best guess it, don’t blame the chief!


So chief when do u suggest i sell my forsbergs, felipes, savic’s and gliks?


About these players taken for less than 1K, at what extent would you say that they had reached a good price to sell? And based on your experience, how much would you buy at least? Thanks Chief


Got me 3 vela at 16K, taking a small risk.

Del piero

What about crash? Will it occure? Still didnt rebuy team as prices rised =(


Chief u reckon it’s worth getting a couple martials due to his performance today?


I bought 3 bernardo silva if for 40k i think it was a Good invest, what so you say?


Hi chief,

I got my manu players in my club you think the marquee sbc will come tuesday

Thanks chief


I just packed Fellaini Scream Card. When is a goodtime to sell Scream cards? Thanks.


Hi! I got around 150k to invest, what player(s) are a sound investment at this point?


Got 500k to invest… Vela IF 10-20x ? What do u think boss


so when do u think would be the best time to sell him?


Is it worth investing in cards such as scream Fellaini and Deeney and waiting for pace to go rise?

Piotr Kaczmarczyk

Oki I bought 10x Martials… we will see ;) thanks


Late to the party here, is 18k still worth an investment ? and if so, when is the ideal target sell date ?


Thanks Chief. Read your official response section just there. Do you expect him to further rise, going for around 17-19 currently ?