TOTW 6 Gold Investment: Martial and Fernandinho

Players: Anthony Martial and Fernandinho

Reasoning: After their Saturday performances, these two have a shot at making it in TOTW 6. TOTW gold investments like this tend to follow a specific pattern.

  1. An initial surge in price following in the moments after they score a goal/assist.
  2. A decline in the couple hours that follow back to normal levels.
  3. A gradual increase come Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after people see them included in TOTW predictions.
  4. Come Wednesday’s TOTW announcement, either:
    1. A sharp decline is they are not included in the TOTW.
    2. A sharp rise if they are included in the TOTW, followed by a tapering off and gradual increase in the week they are out of packs.

This has been the case with many TOTW gold situations this year, most recently with that of Virgil van Dijk and Eric Bailly from TOTW 5.

Target BUY: Less than their FUTBIN average from the past couple days.

Target SELL: You have windows to sell. Given the information above, make your own decisions in regards to this.




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Salehin Rahat

hi chief, is there any way of predicting which club players will be necessary for scream sbcs? many people knew it was going to be orlando pirates/lincon city players etx


I heard this method is only effective for the first month of the game as there are so many alternatives available now. Thoughts chief? I have personally invested in 2 Martials for 35k which I think is a good deal as their avg is around 42k and will sell into the hype once TOTW is announced on wednesday.


Hey chief, I have 30k and want to invest. Which players do you think I should invest in nowadays I can hopefully sell them and make profit within the week.


Pickford maybe? probably TOTW and goes for 700


so when do u think martial will reach his peak?


which player do u think has a higher chance at making it?


United was a draw. Does that affect the chance for Martial to get a IF?

Del piero

Hey chief, do you think baby crespo will rise from now or decrease? I mean, I always wanted del piero 90 but it got more expensive (was 800k, now its 1,3m). I have 600k and quite many of felipe and forsbergs. Do you think that buying baby crespo to have fun with playing, and during that time collect rest coins for del piero (to sell crespp, add some coins and get del piero )is good idea? Or crespo will bring me loss of coins?


Hey chief,
I have 30k and want to invest. Who should I invest in so I can hopefully sell them and make profit within the week.

Del piero

Go check his top buy list.


And chief, will the price of Martial drop more because of the scream promo than the gain of totw hype?


Price have “only” dropped 2k from when Scream started, so he seems to be stable.

Other players that drop a lot more is:

– Kondogbia from lowes bin 14,5 k to 8.2k
– Rashford 17,5 lowest bin to 11 k
– Leon Goretzka from 20,5k to 12,5

And many more 🙂

Chief you think those players and more like Jesus,Fred, Vardy and so on will rise again after scream or will it stay as it is due to so many more cards on the market?


Bought 30 Forsberg for 900 coins as you said he will rise since he won’t be in packs but you can get him as low as 750-800 on bid, doubt he will rise much


i dont think waiting 30 forsberg in transfer list for 1k rising.


Hey chief, what is your recommended price to invest on 86 rated player? Now I think the cheapest is Ozil 20k


I dont have any ideas right now. Got around 150k in my acc. Thanks for ur reply


Hey Chief, I think you should look into Paulinho, 1 goal 1 assist and MOTM in his game this weekend as a CM. And his price has dropped about 5k since last Wednesday so he should be a good shout as an investment for TOTW. Looking to pick up below 10k.


I bought Calhanoglu, Shaqiri, Caceres, Mascherano and Deeney scream cards and I’m losing money fast. Should I sell any of these players now?


hi again chief,

i think fernandinho is better choice than martial because they won the match. But its looking medium risk at least who do you think ? how many would you buy fernandinho ? cheers


yes you are deff right and i think fernandinho and paulinho are both looking juicy to trade this week. espically paulinho is because china league is almost ending hes sucha popular player this season also he was motm with a goal and assist.


Hi chief

I bought 3x martial for around 30.5k then i realised i didnt check his average bin have i overpaid or is it a giod price?

Cheers chief


Yeah xbox
Are the prices different on the 2 consoles then?



I bought 3 of them for 38k. Is that too much?


Hello chief,
I have 500k coins and i want to start trading with them. What should I start with.

Kenneth De Souza

Looking to invest in Vidal and rakitic for the Messi POTM….. What would you say would be fair prices for either…. Their current value is 9k and 33k respectively…. do you think they will decrease more?

Del piero

The 83s’ didnt rise at all… even though ea has dropped sbc with team rating 83 requirement :/. Offload or hold?


What are your thoughts on Barça Rafinha? He could be required for UEFA Marquee Matchups (Barça-Inter), Marquee Matchups (El Clasico), and a possible Messi POTM Sbc. Also his rating (82) is quite decent for upcoming guaranteed Scream Players Sbcs.