Strong Link Investment: Talisca

Player:ย Inform Talisca

Reasoning:ย Links are important in FUT, especially when there are limited options for a certain portion of the pitch.

When it comes to the CSL (Chinese Super League), people turn to Brazilians for links. This was evident most recently in TOTW 4. When Hulk received an inform on October 10th, many people turned to inform Talisca to pair him with.

This week, there are multiple new options to pair with Talisca. Today we got a CSL League SBC that features Oscar as a reward:

On Wednesday, there is a good chance we could get an Paulinho inform that could look something like this:

These new squad options could cause for a substantial rise to Talisca’s inform card.

Target BUY:ย Less than his FUTBIN average for the past couple days.

Target SELL:ย When you are happy with the profit and/or see a better investment opportunity.



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Dominique Leistner

Hi Chief

Do you think IF Hulk’s price will also rise?



He is now at 70k (PS4) do you think it is still a good investment?


Hi Chief,
Do you think its worth to invest in the gold Talisca? His price has dropped a lot since 01/10. Do you think that over time his price will “normalize”?


80k PC still ok?


Rumors say that we have Fernandino and not Paulhinho in the ToTW, do u still think we should spend 70k on this Talisca?
And keep up ur good job!


chief you suggest buying as many as we could or a few enough ?


i just bougt 5 of him but his price is going down fastly. i think hes not gonna go up again. max 70


Inform Talisca is going down dangerously. Do you think he will go back up and that we should keep him?


is he still in packs ?

Rob De Wachter

what price you think Talisca will climb to at max?

Rob De Wachter

He’s price is max 85,000 right? it will not go higher I gues?


I can buy for 59k Xbox is that good?


If IF paulinho doesnt make it to TOTW6, is he still a good investment?


he went to 60k on ps4 and market is still dip i bought 5 of him as 70k. totw6 is leaked and paulinho and fernandinho dont exist. I think IF Talisca was terrible investmen for me.


well im sorry about who gets this player as 70k like me. That was terrible investment. There will be huge loss for me cause hes 58k now and going down fastly.


Hey Chief! I only bought one 68k, do you think he will go back up even without Fernandinho and Paulinho in TOTW6?


Do u think this guy will ever go up again?


are you joking ? you suggested forsberg and removed now talisca but your profit is still going up. why dont you give people real tips to profit ?


the window for if talisca has closed imo. i sold two weeks ago with 30k profit. he will probably get more if’s so this one will not rise more. chinese league is bringing very cool cards though


To All these people criticising the chief for the if talisca investment, did he put a gun to your head? Every investment is a risk, and as good as the chief is, he is not a psychic! You gamble with your investments , nothing is set in stone!
Keep up the good work chief, I’ve made as much in the first 2 months of the game as I had in all FIFA 18 thanks to your advice.