Top 10 Patreon Transfer Profits

I pride myself on my and trading and investing abilities, but plenty of my followers can do it just as well, if not better, than me.

Here are the Top 10 Transfer Profits so far this year from my Patreons.

Top 10 Patreon Transfer Profits

PlayerTransfer Profit
1. alexhagen (PS4)30,148,870
2. Urb4nLe9end (xbox)26,071,665
3. BearcatJB (Xbox)20,420,180
4. MurseMike (PS4)20,137,480
5. fifagodberkamp (PS4)20,123,022
6. DanielSan (PS4)19,124,364
7. toshev (xbox)18,844,149
8. deathz (PC)18,369,602
9. chimecda (PS4)17.980,251
10. Thorgoon (PS4)17,541,933



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Hi chief

Are these profits from using the same info that we get or do they get better ones? As ive been stuck on about 250k profit for the last 2/3 weeks and just cant seem to get past a million coins

Cheers chief



Whats a good price to get Paulinho for?

Gota few for 12k

Del piero

Chief, is it time to rebuy team? I didnt notice the crash market yet… but it will happen at all with these shitty scream cards? What do u think?


Yo chief,

Manschester united players are rising now you think they will go up to 4k if the sbc is there?



Being a non-patreon, I made more profit than half of your Patreons. Studying transfer market and keeping a constant watch on the price shifts is all you need. And that comes with experience. But for newbies and intermediates (3rd year on fut, 8 years of game experience) like me, SBC snipping is the way to go. I made almost 500k in last 2 days snipping America de cali players for less than 5k and selling them for 10k. I never paid any money for the game other than buying the game itself.

Having said that, your suggestions are helpful indeed. Good Job!


Jamie Shore

How much time do you spend reading?


I spend at least an hour every day going through the price shifts of the players. Most of the players I keep watch on are either in my team or I intent to buy. Also, I look for players required in SBCs.


well now that doesnt work players from america de cali are selling for below 6k.


On PS4 America de cali players were extinct when the SBC was there.


How do you snipe America de cali players, every time I try Its expired even it 1 Hour remaining. Playing on PS4, seems like autobuying bots keeping getting the players


There are surely bots. I managed to snipe 1/3 players for sure. And there were plenty of them being listed on the market.


I would be on number 7 with 2,5 mill.


Hey Chief!

I’ve noticed that you’ve removed Forsberg from your top buys even though you can easily get him for under 1k. Does that mean that he isnt a good buy anymore or that we should sell the ones we have or is it still a good idea to wait till the main scream sbc or till the last day of when he is out of packs to sell?


Well Chief I already bought 50 of him.


Hi Chief

Packed Auba, dont need him. Sell now or wait? What do you recommend?


He now could be in the TOTW or even POTM, do you think i should wait?


Hey Chief,

Been lurking awhile and just now decided to get into trading and playing the market for my walletโ€™s sake and the fact that thereโ€™s a Klose icon now. Iโ€™m currently sitting on about 700k total worth (including my team.) curious when you think the first big crash may be and when I should offload everything. Sorry if this has been answered.

Thanks in advance.


Hi chief

Any idea why psg players have gone up

Cheers chief

Del piero

League sbc

bruno morgado

if i pay now to join the patreon it will douer only 9 days and after need to pay again a full month?

Marc Donnelly

Hey chief canโ€™t get any filters working any suggestions on this


WHen to sell szcezney?


Yo Chief!

I just wanted to say…..

Thanks for saving lots of people lots of coins.

Cheers and keep up keepin’ up


Hi chief

Aubameyang and ozil for totw?


Hello Chief,

packed Nainggolan. Is it a right time to sell it now?



Hi again chief

Do you think its worth starting to invest for auba potm? He has 4 goals and 1 assist already and arsenal have won all their games in october so far with just c. Palace left?

Cheers chief


Thoughts on Illicic making it into TOTW? He scored a hat trick in serie a and he’s still relatively cheap for an 81. If he gets an IF, I can see his card being usable for links in a good league. Thoughts?


Hey Chief,

I invested in some 83 CBs from your Top Buys List. If the guranteed scream SBC does release, what’s a good price to sell?


Ive just packed standard Cristiano Ronaldo, theres a few of them at the market going for 2.2mil, is it worth holding on to or shall i sell while the market is high tonight before TOTW and Rival rewards?