Q & A Tuesday – Week 6

A weekly thread meant for discussion about anything and everything related to the FUT market. Pose your questions about player prices, investing and trading strategies, or upcoming events. I will answer questions as quickly as I can, but if you can respond before I do, feel free to hop in the conversation!

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What made Forsberg not viable to buy anymore?


I have bought 10 Felipe under 1k, when do you think his price will rise?


Wait for the sbc bro…I am also eager to off load my 150 cards๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


If and when this does come , what value would you look to sell for ?


If needed for a sbc


Chief, I have 10 Felipe, 15 glik and and 15 savic, when do you think aprox that they are going to rise? Glik is in 1300 right now, but I think he can rise more, any thoughts?

Jordan Forrester

Hey Chief,

Top work mate I am a big follower of you…

I have bought a 100 Barcelona players in hope for tomorrow’s UCL MM’s, do you think they will rise to 8-10k each if the Barca fixture is picked? either way i’m guessing if they’re not included then I can keep them for the Thursday’s MM?




I don’t think they will rise. If you look at the price history of players from big clubs of this week’s MM (Man Utd and Chelsea) they didn’t go up, if anything, they even went down. Also, as FUTChief said in another post, the requirements for the MM lately have been way too easy.


We only saw one UCL MM and there the players went to insane high prices.


Yeah, but there was noone investing and there was way not that supply for those gold players like now.
I guess they will max doubble in price.
I read so much about buying UCL MM on reddit. think it will be invested by loats of people.

Maybe its better to go and pick up some cards for EL MM, as you remember there was a EL aubameyang at the very beginning. So good chance that EL Cards could also be released right? ๐Ÿ™‚


Should I sell in the hype then? I have 50 cards of almost every team invested. What do you think chief?


I made a lot of investments for the rare players in ligue 1 for the sbc release, should I sell them now or will their prices rise over the next few days?


Hi Chief, been following your posts and made some profit from them, such as howedes! Now Iโ€™m sitting on 100k and thinking of how/ what to invest in, what are your thoughts?


I’ve been picking up Glik, Felipe and Savic for around 800-900 on bid, when do you think I should sell? Also do you think there is going to be a scream SBC?


In your ”Top Buys”, why do you value cheap 83 CB (Felipe and Savic) over cheap 83 GK/MID/ATCK?


I bought 2 martails for 26k (xbox) do you think heโ€™s price will raise more than heโ€™s current 32k? Cheers chief


Hey Chief, after I sold my totw investments I was thinking of IF Sandro or IF Bailly to invest in next. Do you think they are a good investment or do you think there is a better one to be made tomorrow?


Why is it worth picking up IF Talisca?


other alternatives to the marquee matchup tomorrow if it isnt ManU v Juventus?

Peter 258

Hello chief! Do you think that fellaini scream is a good buy? Thanks


Should I still be holding on to IF Howedes or is it time to sell them? Made good profit but could probably still rise more


Chief, last time the ucl mm required players where 5k+. Do you think that they will rise that much again or is it better to sell in the hype. I have invested in almost every team so I am confident I have the required team.


Hi Chief
Why is Paulinho not in your top buys anymore?
Is it time so sell?


what time is uefa marquee matchups coming out?


Will if vela still rise?

Adam harvey

After his performance last night and last week I think Aubameyang will be at least a contender for prem POTM. Obviously itโ€™s quite high risk with another game week left in October but could guarantee profit even if he is just named as a nominee… what are your thoughts?


Did ask him already, he told me to sell. He is currently on my TL. Packed him yesterday.


Lala is in the running for this TOTW. Is it time to unload the ones we invested.

Cheers cheif