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Selling in the hype was profitable. So many investors that the price has dropped significantly since release.


Yeah I missed out because I wanted to wait. There could have been so much more profit made if tradeable UCL cards were rewards.


I got 2 paulinho for 12k in the 4 fernandinho for 32k and 20 savic for 850


do you think these are worth holding onto or should I sell the savic’s now as there is the and and he’s gone up to 1.1k or wait for a scream sbc

Del piero

Chief, when approximately do you predict ea to drop sbc that requires 83 rated squad (which make felipe rise)?

Thanks in advance

Del piero

I have 70 forsbergs and 80 felipe, and still 400k to invest, what would you do in such situation?


Hey Chief, how are you doing that (sniping on web app) without some kind of “shortfuts”?



what happening with scezney? When should i sell him?


Hi chief

Martial rose to about 33.5k earlier and now dropped back to 30 is he gonna rise again do u think?
And paulinho is 10k again now would u still reccomend?

Cheers chief


What do you think about investing in inform Vela


Hi Chief,
I’ve made many investments which seem to have been good, as they are based on predictions which come true. The problem is that I’m hardly making any money. I think it’s due to so many other people making the same investments, diluting the market when it’s time to sell. I thought the way round this would be to sell earlier in the hype but the 5% tax really cuts into my profits.
Not sure what to do about it, maybe just flip instead of invest?


What players do u flip if u dont mind me asking?.. i tried most of your sniping filters earlier and got no joy was i too late as they were last updated 2 days ago?

Cheers chief


Which type of patron subscription do you recommend?


This SBC rewards are absolutely ridiculous, EA wants to fool us. Now there are even fewer UCL cards on the market, which will lead to a kind of inflation. Do you have any idea how they’ll bring back tradeable UCL cards to the market? Maybe with better Marquee Matchup rewards on Thursday?

Hugo Gomes

I’m new in this trade world, I already bought some Savic and Felipe, when should I sell them?


I have 3 inform vela’s 3 Felipe’s,3 savic’s
15 forsbergs,bunch of America and Cruz Azul players with 500k remaining what should I do


Hi Chief, i have two Martial on hand, bought it at 37k, totw 6 is coming soon, should i sell him asap or keep him? Tqvm


Cheif. is it worth investing in scream fellaini in the hope the full moon will change his stats to 90 pace as an example or is it too early?


Hello Chief,

I bought Martial for 35k on Sunday.

should i keep it until TOTW drops or sell it in the prerelease hype?

Thank you


Do you Think there wil come an sbc today? If yes, WHO are u investing in?


Hi Chief, is there a particular reason to invest in Felipe and Savic rather than other 83’s? Because they are defenders? Is it worth investing in Giuliano too?


Hey chief when should i sell martial since he made totw?


why has if talisca dropped? Will he recover?


Has totw6 been announced yet?

Cheers chief


Hi everyone! I tried to use chief’s tips 3-4 times and nothing worked for me well, I don’t blame chief, I just want to say, that u guys should find your way to trade


They obviously work for everyone else u must have just picked a bad couple of tips they dont all work but a good 90/95% do


Hi Chief,

Do you think i should still hold Paulinho ? As he is not included in totw.