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Is otw vrsaljko a good investment??? I use his regular in my second team and have the money to spend.


what do you think of pacheco for discard price?
spanish if 82?seems the cheapest if 82 with a good nation on the market?

Eduardo Martinez

Paulinho just drop to 6k coins, I Think he will regain his value to 12k at least anytime, any thoughts on this investment?


Hi Chief, do u think that scream Pepe could potentially be a good investment for 18k?

Will Nguyen

Hi Chief, I’ve just pack 85 Scream Mandzukic, should I sell right away or wait till this weekend when people buy their team for WL?


Hi chief

Wondering if u could help.. i need to know the best way to snipe informs and what sort of price range i should work with i cant seem to find any decent sniping methods with informs

Cheers chief


Any of them really the best ones u would recommend obviously not the too expensive ones as i just dont have the coin power at the moment lol

Thanks chief

Alex Muszynski

Fut chief is terrible at giving Fut advice, he tells people to invest into cards like Anthony martial, German players for POTM ad Pauloiho when they all terribly drop. The people who listen to him for advice stop and listen to ick from the Fut market because he is the only good Fut investor


I know right?? Everyday, his transfer profit keep increasing and never decrease, even though most of his advices lead to transfer loss. If he could at least tell us how he makes his profit… -.-


Trading is a form of gamble – very few times that you can for sure guarantee profit of certain players. Easy to complain when two-three investments goes bad, then all other players who made a profit gets forgotten. I am one of those who also invested in Paulinho, IF Talisca etc, but I have also drawn profit from other tips. You have to evaluate by yourself if you agree with investment tips and thereby take the decision yourself. Do not follow blindly – instead see it as a hint what you should be considering and draw your own conclusion!


He can’t get everything correct, he doesn’t have a crystal ball, but overall if you follow his advice you will make profit. Not every investment will be successful. Also if you read his posts, the reason his transfer profit keeps increasing is because he only invests in icons and rarely invests. But these posts are protected.


Howedas: +16k
Martial: +7k
Vela: +4k
Forsberg: +600

Whats wrong with you mate?


hi chief,
Thanks for all the help!
I have asensio and david luiz in my transfer list
do you think they will go up?
or should i sell


Chief Iโ€™m making coins for like 5-10k flipping everyUCL cards. But Iโ€™m still holding, the longer the better right ?

And will it be wise to buy a few more ?


Hey chief, do you think it’s worth buying aubumayeng as he is more than likely to get POTM?


HI chief,

How much do you think cheap 83 and 84 can sell if they are required for an SBC ?

Or, as selling in hype is always the safest moove, how shall list them ? +1K on each ? 2K ?

Ryan Marshall

Ajax play Feyenoord this weekend – worth investing for SBC Match Ups??